Psychotherapy and Medication

Effective psychotherapy can help you reduce or eliminate psychological symptoms without medication. However, there are times that medication is important instrument to make you feel better and calm your brain, so psychotherapy treatment can work faster and more effectively.

Medication can make you start feeling better and faster than psychotherapy, but it is counseling that increases your ability to manage your psychological symptoms in a constructive and healthy way. Psychotherapy is the treatment that helps you change your thoughts and behaviors, and provide you with the strategy to handle challenging situations without the side effect of need for medication. It teaches you the skills and tools necessary to create functioning and healthy life despite psychological challenges such as depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, self esteem etc. Accordingly, medication may treat the symptoms, but won’t solve the problem. However, psychotherapy may solve the deep rooted problem, or teach how to manage the problem effectively to create lifelong constructive change.

Yet, it is important to note that only a doctor can prescribe you with medication. Yet, it is important to understand the implication, consequences and side-effects of the medication taken. It also pretty often requires some time to find the right medication and the right dosage to address the personal issue.

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