The Importance of Self Esteem

A healthy sense of self can make a profound difference in how we feel and function. Self-esteem is how we value and see ourselves. Positive self esteem is vital in development of a healthy personality. Healthy self-esteem means self-respect, a sense of self-worth, a feeling of basic goodness about oneself. On the other hand, low self-esteem means self-doubt and self-criticism, social anxiety, anger, shame, guilt loneliness and isolation.

Your potential to excel and achieve is directly related to your self esteem. On the other hand, failure is much more likely when you suffer from low self esteem. The following is a short list of why self esteem is important:

  • Self esteem makes you believe in yourself. It affects your confidence which leads to success.
  • Esteem affects your way thinking and behaving, causing your outlook, attitude and behavior to be destructive or constructive.
  • It affects yourself image. When you have negative self image or low self esteem, it results in a loss of confidence. Your social skills may also suffer and you will find it harder to socialize. It might, also, lead to social anxiety.
  • When you value yourself, others value you. In other words, you cannot expect others to value and respect you, unless you value and appreciate yourself.
  • Self esteem brings with it assertiveness. Assertive individuals behave in a way that they respect themselves and value their needs. At the same time, they respect other without being judgmental with fairness, while having a constructive attitude.
  • Self esteem people are able to express themselves and to communicate openly and honestly about their needs and desires.
  • People with healthy self esteem choose healthy relationships and they recognize the value of relationships. They engage in healthy behavior while respecting others.
  • People with positive self esteem tend to be more ambitious in what they want. They develop the courage to experience life to its fullest and by that allowing them to create life with durable fulfillment.

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