The Negative Effect of Excessive Worry

Excessive worry effect almost every aspects of our life. Below you can find a short list of its effect.

Worry affects your physical state:

  • Prevent you from relaxing
  • May causes sleep disturbances such insomnia
  • Makes you tired and weary
  • May cause headaches or raises your blood pressure

Worry affects your thinking, feeling and behaving

  • Makes it difficult to make decisions and be decisive
  • Promotes pessimism, confusion and doubts and c
  • Keeps you preoccupied and withdrawn
  • Keeps you obsessed with negativity
  • Interferes with concentration and attention
  • Wastes time and energy and hinder productive action
  • Lower self-confidence
  • makes you anxious and fearful of taking risks
  • May lead to depression and emptiness

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