Financial Issues in Marriage

Money is a desirable commodity that most people wish to possess. It evokes many emotions and strong believes. Not only do attitudes vary, but personality traits, upbringing, life circumstances and social perspectives mold one’s relationship to money. No wonder that financial and money issues are a common source of conflict between partners and often cause stress, anger, distress and unhappiness.

Creating and implementing a written plan will minimize your stress and help you meet the inevitable challenges that life will bring with confidence. Solving financial problems and differences requires equality, respect, openness and consideration with healthy communication skills and conflict resolution skills. Using these tools can lead to a deeper connection between partners. Remember, even in the best of times, developing and sustaining a successful marriage is hard work. One of the top stressors in a marriage is financial hardship. It’s never too early or too late to create or adjust your financial plan. No matter what differences couples have, how long you have been married, couples can benefit from discussing their financial issues.


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