Few Ideas that Make Marriage Works

The following are few tips that can enhance your marital relationship:

Enhance your communication skills – Communication is the foundation of any relationship. Your ability to communicate effectively, particularly to listen (rather than talk) to your partner, while understanding your partner’s needs is key to a healthy marriage. Learning to really hear your partner is a skill that may require practice. Try to understand your partner and the way they behave. Don’t assume their motive or intention. Simply ask to understand. At the same time, don’t assume your partner knows what you are thinking or feeling. Express to your partner your needs and wants in a respectful way.

Practice integrity and honesty – Be open and express your feelings and needs to your spouse. This element is key to building trust and credibility. Being honest is being truthful and living without compromise, while integrity promotes wholeness, goodness, and excellence. Portraying honesty and integrity promotes respect and allows you to become a person that is committed to living life based on the values you believe in.

Accept your partner with love – Accepting your partner, is not easy to accept and even more to implement. It is much easier to (even more “natural)” to want to change our partner to what we want them to be. But the reality is that no one can change another person, unless that person wants to change themselves. Accordingly, it is important to accept your partner with his/her positive and negative characteristic, while particularity focusing on the positives qualities s/he brings to the relationship.

Nurture your relationship – We need to nurture our relationships with care. So, when we make others aware of their positive traits and strengths, we will enhance our relationship. When we express our love, let our partner know how much they mean to us, when we use words or action of love and affection, we serve as a role in building the love in the relationship, which will promote the other person to do the same.

Repair attempts – This is a strategy is one of the most effective and is done when one of the partner adapt non-defensive approach and able to make effective transition to listening and understanding his/her  partner and then speaking without blaming, while appreciating his/her your partner. The ability to take responsibility (the ability to say “I am sorry,” “I blew it”, “let’s talk about it)” etc. The partner also emphasizes areas of agreement while focusing on repairing the situation.

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