Build Your Internal Power (2)

The below list is a continuation the article 1 of building your internal resources as the main mechanism helps individuals act from a state of happiness:

Enhance Self Awareness – Self awareness is the unique ability of consciousness that individuals posses to explore their nature. By human nature, I mean personalities, value systems, beliefs, inclinations, habits and tendencies. Self awareness or self reflection allows individual to gain a better insight into oneself. That ability of self understanding also empowers individuals to make changes while building on their areas of strength while identify areas where they need to improve. Self-awareness is often a first step to analyze ourselves in order to make the necessary changes toward the goals we want to achieve. Self awareness is the key factor to any personal change and personal growth

Define your Vision and Set your Goals – Self awareness provide you with the tools to see the reality you are experiencing. Your vision provides you the destination you want to be. Having seeing and knowing the true reality, while realistically envisioning your future position (the destination you want to be) allows you to have a clear path that moves from your current reality to your future. Setting your vision and goals, is a proactive way to move toward and create your future. Your clear vision in your mind serves as the focus and attention you create to enable you to manifest as new reality. Imagining the end result and the feeling of fulfillment when achieving your goals is a very motivating factor and creates a positive energy.

Defining your vision is important to your quality of life. Through empirical research in psychology and social science as well as business and economics, setting your vision and defining your goals has been proven as key to success and fulfillment. Vision provides greater motivation, increase self esteem and confidence, enhance hope and optimism, improve achievement, provide greater sense of control and effectiveness as well as well-being and satisfaction.

Embrace Change and Accept Uncertainty – Human tendency is to live in condition of certainty, which is a predictable, known situation. It is the comfort zone. This tendency, however, also hinders our ability to face challenges, change, take risks and grow. As such, we should try to find a delicate balance between our current positions (our comfort zone), while moving toward different and better position. To do that it is a necessary for individuals to move through discomfort, uncertainty and even chaos. As such, we need to learn to trust ourselves, to trust our ability deal with whatever comes and whatever we face. That attitude requires us to train ourselves in the game of “changing” and build our resiliency when facing challenging situations and uncertainty. It is important to remember that change is unavoidable. It is a requirement toward evolution and adaptation to reach optimal life position. Accordingly, it is necessary to embrace change as a natural part of forward movement.

Express Gratitude – The tendency of human nature is to improve its situation and to attain better position in life. Yet, if we don’t stop creating our next goal and face this never ending race, we fall short in attaining joy and fulfillment. So, it is important to look at the half glass full, to find positives elements in our current position and appreciate what we have in the present moment. By being mindful and present, we can start appreciating what we already have and enjoy life to a greater degree. It would be helpful to keep a simple “gratitude journal,” that reminds us to be grateful for the things we have in life (even the small one, or what we take for granted). At the end of each day before you go to sleep, simply jot down three to five things you are grateful about. This practice will train your mind the value of gratitude and appreciation, which would leads you to happiness.

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