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What is The Psychotherapy Process?

Posted by:   |  Feb 28, 2014

Psychotherapy assists clients increase their self awareness, teaches people about their issues and suggests coping mechanisms as well as new more effective ways to deal with their challenges. Psychotherapy process is rational and logical process that is driven by the goals that clients and therapist have defined, which ultimately designed to enhance clients’ well being. […]...  Read more

Brains’ Interconnectivity within the Human Brain

Posted by:   |  Feb 04, 2014

All three layers of the brain (lizard, mammalian, neocortex) are loosely connected via an extensive network of nerves. The mammalian brain and neocortex influence each other via ongoing communication, linking emotions with thinking and with voluntary action. The unique interplay of our memories and emotions with thinking and actions is the basis for our individual […]...  Read more

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