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Anger in Intimate Relationship ‎

Shakyamuni said, “Do not return anger with anger; instead, control your emotions. That is what is meant by diligence.” (from the Sutras).

Difficult partners can be a great distraction and destruction to us and others. They drain our energy, waste our time, create negative encounters and disturb our piece. However, if we transform the way we deal with these people or negative situations in general, then we will transform our live for the better. The new way can become very helpful for our personal growth and happiness.

When interactions with your partner is escalating into angry dynamics, they often stop being productive. If your partner get back to you with angry responds, it might be an opportunity to step back, assess your goals in the situation and ask yourself, “Is my respond beneficial to my needs or goals?” Whether your partner slams doors, punches walls, withholds sex, threatens, uses profanity, verbally or physically abuse you or your family, these angry behaviors are an attempt to control and inhibit their partner. The effort to control another person by using anger is not only extremely negative social behavior, this behavior will accomplish the exact opposite in the long run. It leads to divorce and break ups due to the deterioration of intimacy.

Managing anger in a relationship is like a pressure valve on a water heater designed to release when the pressure inside is too built up. People have more than two choices in handling anger, some work to suppress their anger; others feel they need to release it. In fact, it is healthier to neutralize your anger with exercise, breathing techniques, anger management therapy, and couples counseling.

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The following ways are manifestation of anger in couples or married relationship:

  • Stress build-up and negative energy
  • Engaging in a negative vicious cycle such Bickering and Fighting
  • Ongoing conflict and escalation
  • Communication challenges and breakdown
  • Physical, verbal and emotional abuse/outburst
  • Feeling walking on egg-shells
  • Not feeling emotionally safe and inability to form emotional bond
  • Challenges with family members, specifically in-laws
  • You feel life should be fair, and things are not how you want them to be
  • Hitting and slamming objects, pets, or people or desire to inflict harm
  • Short Temper and impatience causing problems in a marriage
  • Failure to understand and have compassion
  • Use words such as “should,” “must,” “have to,” “fair,” “deserve,” etc.
  • Experience high degree of resentment and contempt
  • Being inflexible and not accepting influence from your partner
  • Court Mandated Anger management therapy

As you can see anger in relationship can be manifested in many ways. Check to find more about faces of Anger.

  • The Anger Control Workbook - by McKay, Matthew & Rogers, Peter
  • The Anger Habit – by Semmelroth, Carl & Smith, Donald
  • The Anger Habit Workbook – by Semmelroth, Carol


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