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Assertiveness Training Workshop

Being proactive, responsible and assertive is one of the most universally recognized and desired quality that people have. As a social human being we always interact with others. This requires us to constantly receive feedback, provide feedback, and initiate interaction with others. As we attend to our needs, we also requires to respect other people needs and wants. In short, this demands the ability to be appropriately assertive.

Individual’s need to be able to be assertive is high, yet it requires an acquisition of these unique, healthy and important skill. As such, spiral2grow, located in New York City, established basic and advance assertiveness workshops. This assertiveness workshop is psycho-educational and experiential and is designed to help participants acquire the basic and advanced skills to become effectively assertive.


Assertiveness Workshop
Deal with difficult people
Learn how to set and keep limits
Establish constructive boundaries
Improve influence over other people
Don't be aggressive nor passive
Deal with "politics" effectively
Leran effective communication Skills
Manage conflict without being agressive
Understand verbal/non-verbal communication


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