Most of the time when we talk about low libido or low sex drive, we usually think of women who lost their interest in sex. But the fact is that many man experience periods of reduced sex drive. Variety of reasons could cause low interest in sex, for examples, unhealthy relationship, job stress, financial pressure, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Also, certain illnesses, medication or drugs negatively affect sexual desire. If the sexual issue is not addressed early, the problem can be compounded while creating a vicious cycle. For example, depression can lead to low sex drive, which worsen depression, which leads to unhealthy eating choices and avoiding exercise. This in turn decreases sexual drive even further, which make the situation spiral down. As mentioned, both man and women face such problems and more so in today’s increased pressure. This is why communication between couples is the foundation for healthy relationship. Mutually open and supportive environment is key to successful relationship. It enables individuals to express their issue in a safe and healthy atmosphere, allowing them to express their concerns, feelings and needs and clarify to expectations. When facing with a sexual desire issue, it is important to see a doctor to determine if the cause of the low sexual drive is due to physical factor or psychological factor. In case of psychological reasons, it would be wise to involve a professional, such psychotherapist, couples counselor or sex therapist. In some cases, it would be even a necessity. A therapist can help illuminate some problems that may be hidden in the unconscious and provide alternatives to resolve them.

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