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Communication Skills

Should you hire a Dating Coach?

Posted by:   |  Nov 11, 2012

“It is uncomfortable to admit but I am a horrible dater. The thought of going to a blind date, meeting a stranger, sitting through a coffee or dinner, trying to be smart, charming and attractive, does not make me happy or motivated, on the contrary it make me anxious. Yet, I want to have a […]...  Read more

Unhealthy Anger Expression

Posted by:   |  Dec 18, 2011

Generally, there are two ways individuals react towards situations that are displeasing. Some people blow up in a volcanic manner. They may shout, scream or rave and after they have done so, they (might) cool down and return to normal. Others on the other hand, keep their anger or bitterness inside them by clamming up. […]...  Read more

Anger Management and Emotional Management

Posted by:   |  Nov 06, 2011

Anger management or the ability to constructively process our emotional state is key to our well being. Everyone gets angry, but not everyone knows how to manage it. The problem is not about getting angry, but rather what we do with the anger. The meaning we attached to the anger and taking the appropriate action […]...  Read more

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