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Conflict Resolution

Anger Management and Buddhism

Posted by:   |  Aug 12, 2012

Anger management or better said a healthy anger management is one of the most important qualities any human being can have. Allowing anger to control our actions basically makes us powerless. Buddhism teaches us that anger challenged us to look deeply into ourselves and understand ourselves. So, when you deal with anger, clarify for yourself […]...  Read more

Anger Management and Emotional Management

Posted by:   |  Nov 06, 2011

Anger management or the ability to constructively process our emotional state is key to our well being. Everyone gets angry, but not everyone knows how to manage it. The problem is not about getting angry, but rather what we do with the anger. The meaning we attached to the anger and taking the appropriate action […]...  Read more

Assertive Communication

Posted by:   |  Apr 03, 2011

Clear communication is an important part of assertiveness. In communication is where assertiveness can manifest it self the most (or not). This is where you show: knowledge – you are able to understand and summarize the situation feelings – you can explain your feelings about the situation needs – you are able to explain clearly […]...  Read more

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