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Why People Resist Solving Their Problems? (1)

Posted by:   |  Apr 29, 2014

Many people come to psychotherapy to seek help and solutions to their psychological problems. Yet, at times, when psychotherapists suggest options to remedy their problems, it seems that clients disappear from the picture; either they stop coming; they come late for meetings; or do not do their assignments, etc. Their actions seem to indicate resistance […]...  Read more

Brains’ Interconnectivity within the Human Brain

Posted by:   |  Feb 04, 2014

All three layers of the brain (lizard, mammalian, neocortex) are loosely connected via an extensive network of nerves. The mammalian brain and neocortex influence each other via ongoing communication, linking emotions with thinking and with voluntary action. The unique interplay of our memories and emotions with thinking and actions is the basis for our individual […]...  Read more

The Brains within the Human Brain

Posted by:   |  Nov 01, 2013

The brain is one of the most complex organ in the known universe. Knowing the brain, understanding it, particularly way it operates, is still a huge mystery. Despite large progress in science in general and particular the science of the brain, we made only small steps toward understanding the nature of the brain and specifically […]...  Read more

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