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7 Principles that Make Couples Therapy Effective

Posted by:   |  Aug 30, 2016

It is only natural to lose hope when things have been bad for too long between two partners. The number of blogs on the internet regarding couples therapy not being effective enough to save your relationship, or saying that it has low success rate, may only add to your distress too. But who decides whether […]...  Read more


Posted by:   |  Mar 07, 2016

Cognitive distortions, one of the main concept of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT in short, refers to inaccurate way of thinking. These irrational thoughts and beliefs are usually reinforcing negative thinking and negative emotions. These negatives can lead to problematic emotional states and behavior, like anger, anxiety, low self-esteem, worry, depression as well as relationship […]...  Read more


Posted by:   |  Jun 01, 2015

I recently attended a seminar about Internal Family System. In short called IFS. This seminar was conducted by the center for Self Leadership and was very well designed to explain about the psychology of the Self and offers a great method to provide a successful counseling and coaching for individuals and couples. In this blog […]...  Read more

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