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Building Your Emotional Bank Account in Marriage

Posted by:   |  Jan 18, 2016

An emotional bank account does not exist physically. However, it’s very useful as it helps us to understand the reason why certain issues that are quite small and trivial become so big and significant. Think about this situation for a moment: You have only $35 in your bank account, and you write a $50 check. […]...  Read more

7 Ways to Avoid Divorce

Posted by:   |  Jul 07, 2015

If you’re looking to get or stay married and need tips on how to avoid divorce, here are seven ways to help you and your partner stay together, and live in happiness. WORK ON YOU, RATHER ON YOUR PARTNER The easiest way to start a fight with your partner is by pointing out flaws that […]...  Read more

Anger in Intimate Relationship

Posted by:   |  May 04, 2015

Whether your partner pouts, withholds sex, threatens, uses profanity, slams doors, punches walls, verbally or physically attacks you or your family, or worse; these behaviors are an attempt to control and inhibit their partner, and will usually escalate. The effort to control another person by using anger is not only extremely negative to approved social […]...  Read more

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