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Communication Skills Tips

Posted by:   |  Oct 27, 2010

Communication skills are essential to healthy long lasting relationships. Below, please find a few tips for improving your communication skills. Be aware of your feelings and know that you have the right to feel any feeling (boredom, hate, lust, awe). Good communication starts with understanding yourself. Understand the need behind the feelings Express your needs […]...  Read more

Change your Thoughts – Change your Life

Posted by:   |  Oct 27, 2010

Every time you shift your thinking and choose a positive and constructive attitude, you upgrade the software of your mind and build your self esteem. You send a clear message to your brain that says: “I am responsible for my attitude and happiness and choose to do what it takes to be fulfilled.” This does […]...  Read more

Building Confidence by Doing Courage

Posted by:   |  Oct 26, 2010

Like physical exercise, self confidence exercises are a way of building strength. Instead of focusing on physical strength, you build character, mental health and self-respect. Building self-confidence is a mental exercise. It is about doing courage and taking risks. I am saying doing courage and not building courage since courage is already within you. You […]...  Read more

How to Use Positive Self Affirmation

Posted by:   |  Oct 26, 2010

Self-affirmation refers to behavioral or cognitive events that sustain, support and strengthen the perceived integrity of the self. Examples of self-affirming events include: (1) receiving positive feedback from others, and (2) reflecting upon positive aspects of oneself. Positive affirmation is similar to real state or an asset of being that exists in you. You can […]...  Read more

Building Self Confidence through Positive Affirmation

Posted by:   |  Oct 26, 2010

Low confidence correlates with the tendency of focusing on the negatives that confirm a negative view of one ’s self. Individuals with low self confidence rarely pay attention to the positive things they do, their positive qualities, positive outcomes or positive comments from others. Self affirmation is designed to break that negativity and move the […]...  Read more

Work/Career and “political” skills

Posted by:   |  Oct 12, 2010

Leaders at all levels, who is attempting to move up and advance their position and power, seek to increase their political awareness and enhance their political skills. One of the most important skills at work that many employees, managers and executive might benefit from is the political skills; the ability to successfully navigate the power […]...  Read more

Relationship: Small Things Big Issues

Posted by:   |  Oct 12, 2010

In intimate relationship, we find ourselves not once in serious problems that badly affect relationships. Problems such infidelity, abuse, financial difficulties, work stress and addictions are only few examples of “big challenges.” However, not once, relationships break down not because of these big issues but rather because of “the small matters,” such as papers on […]...  Read more

Life Coaching – A Beneficial Process

Posted by:   |  Oct 12, 2010

The purpose of life coaching is to support individuals with building skills and attitude to experience a better life – a more fulfilling and empowered existence. Life coaching is a powerful human relationship where trained coaches assist people to design their future and move forward in a practical way. Coaches aid clients in creating visions […]...  Read more

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