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Healthy Relationship with Ourselves

Posted by:   |  Oct 12, 2010

The most important relationship we will ever have in our lives is the one we have with ourselves. If we feel good with ourselves, accept ourselves and think positively about ourselves, then we become fulfilled. Therefore, how we relate to ourselves will determine how happy we will be. Building self esteem is probably the most […]...  Read more

Characteristics of Healthy Relationship

Posted by:   |  Oct 12, 2010

Listed below are some of the most important qualities and characteristics that contribute to a healthy relationship. People in healthy relationship: Respect each other and each other differences Care about each other and do thing for the other person Are gentle with each other (not aggressive and demanding) Trust each other, be honest and transparent […]...  Read more

Career path following Life path

Posted by:   |  Oct 12, 2010

There’s more to finding your dream job than simply figuring out what you love and doing it. Career development or career change requires a long-term view, patience and commitment.  Unfortunately, many people fail in a particular career path because they gave up too soon. Also, the starting point for many individuals is what kind of […]...  Read more

Can Your Marriage be Saved?

Posted by:   |  Oct 12, 2010

There are many marriages where a couple may have tried everything they can think of in order to make things work, while others feel that there is nothing that they can possibly do to improve their relationship. Regardless of what those involved in a “bad” marriage believe, there is no possible way that the marriage […]...  Read more

Self Help Activities To Build Self Esteem

Posted by:   |  Oct 12, 2010

The following are self help activities that help building up self-esteem. The activities can be used by yourself, or can be done with your counselor. Collect items that make you feel good about yourself. For example, photos of good times, of people you love and who love you too; keep special cards or love letters […]...  Read more

The Negative Effect of Lack of Expression

Posted by:   |  Jul 24, 2010

Assertiveness is a communication style. It is the ability to express your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions in a direct, respectful and open manner that doesn’t violate the rights of others. If we do express ourselves openly and conceal our thoughts and feelings this can make us feel tense, stressed, anxious or resentful. It possibly […]...  Read more

The Negative Effect of Excessive Worry

Posted by:   |  Jul 24, 2010

Excessive worry effect almost every aspects of our life. Below you can find a short list of its effect. Worry affects your physical state: Prevent you from relaxing May causes sleep disturbances such insomnia Makes you tired and weary May cause headaches or raises your blood pressure Worry affects your thinking, feeling and behaving Makes […]...  Read more

The Importance of Self Esteem

Posted by:   |  Jul 24, 2010

A healthy sense of self can make a profound difference in how we feel and function. Self-esteem is how we value and see ourselves. Positive self esteem is vital in development of a healthy personality. Healthy self-esteem means self-respect, a sense of self-worth, a feeling of basic goodness about oneself. On the other hand, low […]...  Read more

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