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Overcoming Anger with Anger Management Group

Posted by:   |  Jul 11, 2010

Anger can be very damaging to the body, mind and emotional state. Long and continual occurrence of stress from uncontrolled anger can have very negative effects. The members of the anger management group are taught skills for relaxation as well as ways to express anger safely and assertively. Anger that is not acted upon constructively […]...  Read more

Does Anger Management Program Works?

Posted by:   |  Jul 11, 2010

Demand for anger management programs is coming from different sources and serves a diverse clientele ranging from private individuals to referrals from variety sources such as the court system (Court-Mandated or Court-Ordered Anger Counseling), family doctors, human resource, employers, corporations, ACS, child protection agencies, school systems and others. Anger programs also can be provided at […]...  Read more

A Flame Like Anger

Posted by:   |  Jul 11, 2010

A flame like emotion is a primitive force, left unchecked is chaotic and destructive, but if controlled, it can be powerful tool. Like the lamp that controls the flame, our brain can control our emotions, and we as human can learn to manage our emotions in a constructive manner. In the past (as a child), […]...  Read more

We Feel the Way We Think

Posted by:   |  Apr 15, 2010

It is clear that our moods are influenced by our physical chemistry and by the negative or positive events that happened to us. It is apparent that we cannot change or prevent certain events (good or bad) from happening to us from time to time. Yet, this is only part of factors that influence our […]...  Read more

Mistakes as an Important Part of a Fulfilling Life

Posted by:   |  Mar 25, 2010

When you view life as a continual learning journey, you change your perspective from a short term view to a long term view. It allows you to focus on the benefits of the experiences, regardless of the mistakes you do. Mistakes are integral part of the learning process and as being a human. Mistakes are […]...  Read more

Psychotherapy and Medication

Posted by:   |  Mar 25, 2010

Effective psychotherapy can help you reduce or eliminate psychological symptoms without medication. However, there are times that medication is important instrument to make you feel better and calm your brain, so psychotherapy treatment can work faster and more effectively. Medication can make you start feeling better and faster than psychotherapy, but it is counseling that […]...  Read more

Choose to be Happy. It is within your power.

Posted by:   |  Mar 25, 2010

Humans are decision making creators. They make decisions all the time. What to eat, what to dress, what to do, what to say or not to say, how to act or how not to act. The decisions are done all the time consciously or unconsciously. Unfortunately, there are people who often believe they have NO […]...  Read more

When to Consider Psychotherapy

Posted by:   |  Mar 07, 2010

The decision to see a therapist or a counselor is a very personal one, most often made during times of indecision, stress or emotional pain. The decision to seek help may also be the result of long standing issues or problems that may involve recurrent worries, frustrations, guilt, or self-defeating behaviors. You may wish to […]...  Read more

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