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Couple Enrichment

Do you want to learn the skills necessary for successful relationship? Do you want to enrich your relationship?
Couples Counselor NYC
Are you in a difficult relationship & want to resolve your conflicts? Would you like to mutually meet your needs?
Couples Counselor NYC
Would you like to get the love you want? Are you in a relationship you want to keep? Do you yearn for more intimacy and emotional connection?
Couples Counselor NYC

Staying in love, maintaining emotional connection and enriching intimate relationship is a real challenge for many couples. Enrichment is a positive word that speaks of growing, learning and enhancing. For couples who wish for fulfilling the dreams and hopes that brought them together in the first place, sprial2grow, located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City can help.

spiral2grow helps solve complex relationship challenges and provides couples enrichment programs that empower couples to improve their relationship and develop the skills needed to strengthen and enhance their relationship together. Couples learn to develop healthy physical, intellectual and emotional intimacy.

Whether you face relationship difficulties, or you just want to make you relationship stronger, spiral2grow works with couples in New York City to resolve relationship roadblocks. We help couples discover ways to access their strengths and establish deeper emotional connections. We also help those who want to renew, rediscover or enrich the quality of their relationships.

Learn More about Couples Enrichment
Couples Enrichment Overview
  • Solving problems is not the ultimate gain for couples or any relationship. You can move beyond simply fixing problems to begin the creative, exciting work of designing and building the relationship that you really want to reach a deeper and richer level.
  • There are many ways that people can improve their relationships, however we have found that using some structure, especially when there is no one specific problem area is useful.Enhancing your relationship, does not mean that relationship is in trouble, it indicates a desire to be close and want to grow together.
  • Couples enrichment is a form of primary prevention in the area of human relationships. Its objectives are to promote a mutual commitment to growth in the couples relationship; to develop and agree on a communication style of talking and listening that works for enhancement of the couples relationship; to learn how to use conflict in creative ways that helps, not hinders, the couples relationship, including the sharing of feelings; and to develop and maintain a desire for and the presence of intimacy in the marital relationship, utilizing a variety of positive interaction skills.
  • Couples enrichment programs teach spouses interpersonal skills in communication and conflict resolution and focuses on strengths and growth. It promotes better couples by providing enrichment opportunities and resources that strengthen couple relationships, increase intimacy and enhance personal growth, mutual fulfillment and family wellness.
  • Couples Enrichment is designed for couples seeking to enrich their life together.Using this process can expand your communication, identify areas that may be causing difficulties, improve your skills in resolving conflicts and increase the vitality and happiness of your relationship.
What to Expect from Couples Enhancement
  • Couples can expect to benefit from couples enrichment program if they want to:
  • Develop communication, problem-solving, cooperation and other skills needed for living together
  • Deepen relationship intimacy
  • Develop a shared vision of a desirable future and work to realize it and/or
  • Master the "success spiral," in which successes lead to further successes and to an expanded vision of your possible relationship.
When Couples Enrichment Can Help
  • They want to resolve existing problems
  • They have lost the thrill and excitement that they desire in their relationship
  • They past relationships have not worked out and you want to learn new skills
  • They want turn a good relationship into a great relationship
  • Clients can learn…
  • more patience, understanding, and compassion for yourself and your partner
  • how to create passion, joy, romance and intimacy
  • how to communicate your needs clearly and ask for support to get your needs met
  • how to make choices and take responsibility for your feelings and actions
Relationship Expert Contribution
  • The Relationship Expert's approach will combine encouragement and support with a degree of active, assertive involvement that is generally more typical of athletic coaches.
  • Your Relationship Specialist will:
  • Help you develop an action plan for learning the relationship skills that you need
  • Guide you in learning and practicing those skills
  • Hold you accountable for the commitments you make with yourself to reach your goals
  • Champion your strengths
  • Challenge you when you are tempted to give up on yourself or your goals
  • Help you develop a strong, compelling vision of the relationship that you want
How Will My Relationship Improve?
  • Couples enrichment is about learning skills to achieve and positive changes. It is about support, guide and actions. Through the enrichment program you will gain a new leash on love and life.
  • Communicate and manage conflict more effectively.
  • Build and maintain connection, love, and respect.
  • Improve the quality of sex, romance, and passion.
  • Engage in constructive, rather than destructive, conflicts.
  • Identify what matters most to each other. Support each other’s hopes and aspirations and build a sense of purpose in each other’s lives together.
  • Reduce the risk of relapsing into the same old patterns.
The Approach of Couples Enrichment
  • Couples Enhancement approach is designed to encourage the development of skills, attitudes and emotional openness that are essential in the expression of love within the context of an intimate relationship.
  • spiral2grow focuses on what is healthy in each individual, rather than on what may be "wrong" or "missing". We look at what shapes the dynamics of a relationship, and how these dynamics change as each individual develops his or her ability to love.
Difference between Couples Therapy & Couples Enrichment
  • Couples Enrichment is different from Couples Counseling. Most of the time couples therapy intend for couples who are going through serious relationship problems. Couples enrichment is not primarily for couples in distress, but it is for couples who want their relationship to grow.

Benefits of Couple Enrichment
Build love respect maintain healthy relationship
Communicate manage conflict effectively
Create passion, joy, romance intimacy
Support each other’s hopes aspirations
Engage in constructive, rather than destructive, conflicts
Clarify your relationship expectations and values
Have deepr understaning of one another
Enjoy better sex life
Stop feeling stuck- break your dissatisfying patterns


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