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For an appointment : Call  917-692-3867

Email Counseling

Email counseling is preferred by those who would like to take their time and think. Through email exchanges, a patient can think things through and truly elaborate their concerns. Clients can take their time to craft just the right question prior to sending it. Conversely, a patient can receive email consultation that can be reviewed at their own pace and the patient can truly consider what the counselor is saying. One of the goals of effective counseling is to think things through, rearrange your thought processes to achieve a tranquil life. Email counseling promotes this style of therapy.

In your email, please describe: why you are seeking services at this time? Describe the problem/challenges/questions you are having? Describe your feeling, state of mind and provide any additional comments that might be helpful to understand your situation.

A guaranteed 48 hour response time, but you will frequently get a response the same day.


Email Counseling
Available Options:
1 1 session - $200
2 10 sessions - $1800
3 20 sessions - $3200
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