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Healthy Relationships Group

Healthy relationships are a essential component of health and well-being. There is compelling evidence that strong relationships contribute to a long, healthy, and happy life. On the other hand, research also supports the idea that a lack of relationships, or dysfunctional and stressful relationships can cause multiple problems with physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The healthy relationship group therapy is designed for individuals and couples interested in establishing a healthy relationship, and for wanting to improve communication skills and collaboration, creating safety and intimacy in their relationship. The goal of the sessions is to see the relationship as a source for growth and healing experiences, preparing participants to develop close, fulfilling and rewarding relationships.

This group offers the opportunity to change dysfunctional relationship patterns as they occur with peers and to raise self-esteem by increasing interpersonal skills. The group serves as a “learning lab” for relationship development and provides countless opportunities for personal growth and relationship enhancement.

spiral2grow of New York City also offers Relationship Group solutions in a variety of formats:  Individuals  Couples Counseling  and  Workshops.


Healthy Relationship Group
Create love & intimacy
Reach harmony, closeness & happines
Learn relationship/social skills
Develop rewarding relationships
Improve communication skills
Improve conflict resolution techniques
Learn problem solving skills
Build win-win relationship
Create healthy boundaries


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