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Marriage Infidelity NYC

spiral2grow Marriage Family Therapy, a leading provider in couples therapy and marriage counseling in New York City, has marriage counselors and marriage therapists, who are experts in helping couples in crisis, dealing with infidelity or extramarital affair and saving marriages in crisis, while building healthy relationships. spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers proven marriage counseling and couples therapy.

Overview of infidelity and marital Affair

Infidelity or an affair can be defined as a violation of an agreement or expectation of sexual and or emotional exclusivity expressed or implied in an intimate committed relationship (married, cohabiting, or engaged partners). Infidelity can be physical or emotional and takes place when one partner in a relationship continues to believe that the agreement to be faithful is still in force, while the other partner is secretly violating it. Infidelity also involves trust, betrayal, lying and disloyalty.

Infidelity is one of the most painful and devastating experience that can be inflicted in a marriage or other committed relationships. Amazingly, many marriages do survive after an affair. The fact is that only 15 percent of divorces can be attributed to affairs. Also, about 70 percent of couples decide to work on rebuilding their marriage/relationship and overcome infidelity. About 50 percent of couples succeed in repairing their marriage and even emerging stronger and better than before the affair.

Affair and infidelity is common and exists in all societies in any generation. Yet, it is important to understand that what is defined as an act of infidelity varies between cultures and subculture and very much depends on the type of relationship and agreement that exists between the individuals in that specific relationship.

When we face infidelity, we feel alone. We think that we are the only one that encounter such horrific event and experience such deep pain. But the reality is that many people have experienced similar issue and have felt the same way. Know that you are not alone, and that there is a large support groups that is available for betrayed spouses and individuals recovering from extramarital affair. This is a helpful way that one can find empathy, sympathy and support to build strength and overcome the affair.

Infidelity creates a great strain on both partners in the relationship and on the relationship itself. The affair is shocking and leaves the betrayed person feeling devastated, jealous, sad, confused, lonely shame and very angry. As it is very hard to overcome the infidelity, many people seek therapy to help recover the affair and move on.

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