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Marriage Overview

spiral2grow, a leading provider of marriage counseling and couples therapy in NYC, has marriage counselors experts and effective marriage therapists, who are expert in helping and building successful marriages as well as saving marriages in crisis. spiral2grow, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers proven marriage counseling and couples therapy for individuals and couples, while providing workshops for marriage improvement and enhancement.

Marriage Overview

Marriage is not simply a bundle of legal entitlements. It is about something much more profound, fundamental, and transcendent. The state of being married, while still a strongly desired goal, has been under siege for many years. Marriages that once lasted a lifetime are now fortunate to last several years. Today more than half of all marriages end up in divorce.

There are many reasons contributing to this sorry state of affairs. Our society has made it relatively easy to terminate a marriage – at least on paper. So when things get difficult and arguments break out, people abandon their partners instead of learning to work out their differences.

Paradoxically, while marriage becomes increasingly less stable, it is the one relationship that contributes most to global happiness. More people depend on the marital relationship for feelings of satisfaction and well-being than upon any other source of satisfaction including work, economic success, friendships, or even children.

The following is a list of what satisfied married couples tend to do:

  • Express love verbally, sexually and materially;
  • Participate in mutual self-disclosure – they share their “inner lives;”
  • Offer each other emotional support – mutual nurturing in times of adversity;
  • Express appreciation, admiration and physical affection;
  • Accept demands or put up with shortcomings – they accept imperfections;
  • Create time to be alone together – this nurtures the relationship.

Also, based on John Gottman’s research the following components are important to successful long term relationships for marriage and couples.

  • They are gentle with each other.
  • They spend time in and enjoy conversation with each other.
  • They allow for influence by their partner.
  • They do keep score by remembering the good things their partner does for them.
  • Each partner knows themselves reasonably well.
  • Each partner honors the others dreams.
  • There is a positive sense of humor in the relationship.
  • There are shared goals and a sense of team work in the relationship.
  • There are good conflict resolution skills in the relationship.(sometimes it means to do, and sometimes it means to let go)
  • There is a sense of continued romance in the relationship.
  • Contempt, for the partner, in all it’s forms, will more than anything else bring the relationship down. It needs to be avoided or worked through.
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