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Online Group Counseling

Group online therapy, is also known as group e-therapy, group e-counseling, or group cyber-counseling. The online support group has emerged since mankind found the benefits of the Internet, yet is a relatively new development in mental health in which a therapist or counselor provides psychological advice and support over the Internet in a group format. It provides many benefits to include location challenges, limited budgets and desire for anonymity.

Group Therapy online targets individuals from all walk of life that face common life challenges. Group therapy utilizes the support of peers and the experience of trained professionals to help understand and discuss integral parts of one’s self. Yet, Online therapy is not appropriate for everyone, but it has shown effectiveness in some situations. Therefore, group sessions aims to combine the best of both conventional and online approaches to online mental health support.

Working on your personal growth is personal but not private. That is to say, that no one can work them for you, but you don’t have to do it alone. The power of group support and learning from others’ challenges as you challenged, is an essential aspect of successful healing and growth. The group meetings devoted to your specific problem, where people like yourself gather to share their stories and experiences are a powerful way to gain an supportive environment that is conducive to gain new insights and skills to become the best person you can be. Let the collective wisdom of other people to inform your healing and gain greater control over your life.


Online Group Counseling
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