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Anger and Patience

spiral2grow, a leading training counseling practice for management in midtown Manhattan, has anger experts (psychotherapists and counselors), who train individuals and couples how to deal with anger challenges. We believe that one of the key ingredient for success in dealing with anger in the development of patience and emotional skills. spiral2grow, located at 260 Madison #8023, New York, NY 10016, offers anger management counseling in a variety of formats (individual, couples, marriage and relationships).

Patience and Emotions

Patience is key to overcoming anger and other difficult emotions. We can deny anger by suppressing it, or act on it by being aggressive. Either way it only makes the situation worse for ourselves and others. When we try to resolve anger, the negative energy amplifies, while being patient reduces the negative energy of anger. The healthy way to deal with anger is to practice patience, by pausing and experiencing the full power of anger.

The Buddhist teachings describe patience as the antidote to anger and fear. When we experience strong negative emotions, there is a discomfort that pushes us to create a resolution. The negative feelings that produce negative energy is tough to deal with. However, If we were train ourselves to be able to catch ourselves early enough, or to do the right thing regardless of the emotion, we would be able to see what underneath the anger feeling. This insight that comes with deep self reflection and great patience will benefit us and serves us well in dealing with anger.

  • More about Patience and Emotional Management
    • When you are patience, you allow yourself to experience anger and just wait with its uneasiness; wait without judgment. You are able to feel the energy of anger. you contain yourself and stay still, without going there. The non-judgmental aspect means that you do not deny or suppress your anger, but rather accept it. By accepting your feelings as is, treating them with respect and care, you are on your way to master your emotional regulation.
    • When we examine the process of emotions, specifically anger, we realize that anger has no resolution. The classical resolution that human beings try to apply when facing an external problem is by removing the obstacle or avoiding it. However, this strategy cannot be applied to a psychological challenge. We cannot remove or repress our or feelings. We need to learn to transform its energy from its negative state to a positive state, which could be done by acceptance and applied wisdom.
    • We would like to believe that we have the power to control things. As such when we feel negative powerful energy of our emotions, we tend to be uncomfortable until this uneasy energy is resolved. We want to do something about it. It is hard for us to live with ambiguity, while having no attachment to anything (any position). Practicing patience, however, gives the ability to live and experience events without nothing to hold on to. It increases our ability to be without resolution and to accept ambiguity and uncertainty.
    • Patience is difficult to achieve, yet with practice and commitment, it leads to personal growth and spiritual transformation.
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