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Self Acceptance

spiral2grow is a leading counseling practice in NYC that offers skills to build healthy self esteem and self acceptance. Our counselors and therapists in New York City specialize in promoting self acceptance and enhancing self esteem and confidence. We recognize the importance of acquiring self acceptance which is the main factor in having a healthy relationships with yourself and others while practicing happiness and fulfilling life.

spiral2grow Marriage and Family Therapy center, located in midtown Manhattan at 260 Madison Avenue #8023, New York, NY 10016, employs proven counseling treatment to enhance self acceptance as part of self esteem counseling.

The foundation of healthy self-esteem is realization that who you are and where you are is OK. People sometimes imagine that if they had high self-esteem that they would feel really confident, happy and excited all the time, but in reality it really feels more like a deep, solid level of comfort with yourself. You feel stable and anchored with your true self. When you have healthy self esteem, you are aware of your personality traits and quirks, and your strengths and weaknesses, and are fine with the overall package they add up to. In other words, you fully accept yourself. As such, self acceptance is a great measure of self-esteem and defines the quality of your life.

  • The Meaning of Self Acceptance
    • Self-acceptance means setting realistic standards for yourself and letting go of perfectionism. Self-acceptance also entails being nice and compassionate to yourself. It means being on your own side. If you make an error you can look at it with an understanding eye, rather than tearing yourself up. It also means that you accept that all people make mistakes and aren’t perfect. You understand that it is ok to have flaws and to get things wrong from time to time and it’s not a sign of being useless or “bad.”
    • On the opposite spectrum, people who don’t have self-acceptance tend to seek outside source of confirmation for who they are and crave admiration and approval. They think they’ll be confident once they make more money; become more powerful; get more people to like them, etc. However, even when they rich their goals or earn the things they desire, they only feel good about themselves for a short amount of time before they set their sights even higher. Unfortunately, they are not able to stay with their success and internalize it into their deep self to expand their self esteem.
    • Self acceptance does not mean you approve of what you do wrong, or embrace all your flaws. However, if you do make a mistake from time to time, it’s okay, and you don’t need to disown your entire self. You can be self-accepting while still acknowledging there are areas you’d benefit from working on. You can accept where you are and feel ok with it, yet know that there is always room for improvement.
    • You can accept yourself and also have goals to improve yourself. The main point is that you realize the benefit of growing and the changes you make in your life rather than doing something you feel you have to do. You establish a compassionate, accepting and positive perspective of you current self with the recognition of your desire growth to become a better self.
    • Self-acceptance and self-confidence are closely related concepts. One follows the other. Being able to accept yourself as you are without demanding that you be different establishes the foundation for confidence in your own abilities. With the confidence, you will then be able to try new behaviors, take risks and be in charge of your own life. This in turn, makes you far less susceptible to negative peer group influence and also makes you deal constructively with situations that don’t turn to be in your favor.
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