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Self Esteem and Confidence Workshop

If you are uncertain about yourself, lack self-confidence, doubts your abilities, or thinks negatively of yourself, this workshop might be helpful for you. The session focuses on the causes and cures for problems such as low self esteem, feeling of inferiority, perfectionism and procrastination. Participants learn the impacts of low self esteem might have on a person and their life, and learn specific skills to overcome self-esteem and emotional issues.

The self-esteem workshop is an exciting and thought provoking presentation on how to develop your self-esteem and maximize your potential. The goal of the workshop is to increase self-understanding & self-esteem. It teaches skills that enhance self-confidence and promote greater joy in daily living.

spiral2grow of New York City also offers Self-Esteem and Confidence solutions in a variety of format: Individual Psychotherapy and Group Counseling.


Self Esteem & Confidence
Build self-esteem & confidence
Manage stress & anxiety
Gain self-respect
Build assertiveness
Overcome self-doubts & shyness
Establish boundaries
Overcome procrastination
Be motivated & proactive
Do courage, conquer fear & take more risks
Gain proven techniques to increase self-assurance


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