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Social Anxiety Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to help participants understand what social anxiety is, what causes it, what perpetuates it, and basic strategies to overcome it. The workshop is intended for people who themselves suffer from social anxiety: i.e. a pattern of discomfort and/or avoidance based on the fear that others may judge you or react badly to you.

spiral2grow utilizes a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CBT) as well as Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is practical and goal-oriented methodologies. Participants will learn to take the risks and actively approaching, rather than avoiding life’s challenges. Even if you fear is not intense, the workshop may give you helpful suggestions for easing anxiety that you experience in social situations. In this program clients can learn tolerance and skills to manage social discomfort and anxiety with the purpose of enjoying and experiencing social interactions and situations.

spiral2grow, located in New York city, also offers Social Anxiety Management solutions in a variety of formats: Individual Therapy and Group Counseling.


Social Anxiety Workshop
Mange social discomfort, stress & anxiety
Build confidence & overcome shyness
Learn relationship/social skills
Overcome fear & take more risks
Turn off anxious, uncomfortable & fearful response
Change destructive thoughts that trigger social anxiety
Understand social fear & learn techniques to challenge it


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