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Anger Program

Techniques for Managing Anger

Posted by:   |  Jun 18, 2013

Self awareness is the key factor to any personal change and personal growth as well as the main point of managing emotions, particularly anger management. Accordingly, an important first step toward managing anger constructively is the identification and realization of the unhealthy thoughts, and beliefs we originally possess that lead us to anger. The second […]...  Read more

The Purpose of Anger Management

Posted by:   |  Jul 11, 2010

The purpose of anger management therapy is not to eliminate the anger, but to use it as a signal to indicate that there is a need that is not fulfilled. Through anger management counseling, individuals are taught how to slow down their arousal when angered, so that it can be processed and acted on in […]...  Read more

Does Anger Management Program Works?

Posted by:   |  Jul 11, 2010

Demand for anger management programs is coming from different sources and serves a diverse clientele ranging from private individuals to referrals from variety sources such as the court system (Court-Mandated or Court-Ordered Anger Counseling), family doctors, human resource, employers, corporations, ACS, child protection agencies, school systems and others. Anger programs also can be provided at […]...  Read more

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