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Tips To Avoid Power Struggle with Kids

Posted by:   |  Oct 13, 2015

It happens to every parent: something that begins as a mere request to a child, such as get ready for bed, put your shoes on, get your stuff, or do your homework, is ignored or met with some resistance. The parent then repeats him or herself and gets frustrated, and this is when the situation […]...  Read more

Unhealthy Anger Expression

Posted by:   |  Dec 18, 2011

Generally, there are two ways individuals react towards situations that are displeasing. Some people blow up in a volcanic manner. They may shout, scream or rave and after they have done so, they (might) cool down and return to normal. Others on the other hand, keep their anger or bitterness inside them by clamming up. […]...  Read more

Assertiveness Training & Assertiveness Counselling

Posted by:   |  Mar 22, 2011

Lack of assertiveness can affect your relationships and quality of life, as you fail to communicate effectively and probably end up not getting what you want. Family life, career prospects and stress levels can all be affected by non-assertive behavior. By examining carefully the way you communicate with others, there are a number of ways […]...  Read more

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