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Couples Counseling

Questions for Couples who Consider Marriage

Posted by:   |  Oct 27, 2010

No matter how great your fiance or love relationship is, there are a few things you need to discuss and even negotiate before you get married (premarital). The below questions may help you reflect on your relationship and help you to focus on the areas that require change or improvement. What is the meaning of family? […]...  Read more

Relationship: Small Things Big Issues

Posted by:   |  Oct 12, 2010

In intimate relationship, we find ourselves not once in serious problems that badly affect relationships. Problems such infidelity, abuse, financial difficulties, work stress and addictions are only few examples of “big challenges.” However, not once, relationships break down not because of these big issues but rather because of “the small matters,” such as papers on […]...  Read more

Are You Really Too Tired to Have Sex?

Posted by:   |  Jul 23, 2010

A recent survey titled “2010 Sleep in America”  that was conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that as many as 26 percent of couples report one or both partners are frequently too tired to have sex. Other studies have shown that many married couples have sex only one to three times per month.  People […]...  Read more

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