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Couples therapist


Posted by:   |  Apr 01, 2015

Couples Therapy or Couples Counseling is a counseling process that looks to improve couples relationship. It helps build couples skills and the adjustment of two people who have developed an interdependent relationship. There are multiple modalities and procedures to help two people improve their adjustments to each other. Methods for couples therapy includes Imago Couples […]...  Read more

Questions for Couples who Consider Marriage

Posted by:   |  Oct 27, 2010

No matter how great your fiance or love¬†relationship is, there are a few things you need to discuss and even negotiate before you get married (premarital). The below questions may help you reflect on your relationship and help you to focus on the areas that require change or improvement. What is the meaning of family? […]...  Read more

Characteristics of Healthy Relationship

Posted by:   |  Oct 12, 2010

Listed below are some of the most important qualities and characteristics that contribute to a healthy relationship. People in healthy relationship: Respect each other and each other differences Care about each other and do thing for the other person Are gentle with each other (not aggressive and demanding) Trust each other, be honest and transparent […]...  Read more

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