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Emotional Intelligence

Powerful Habits Lead to Fulfilling Life

Posted by:   |  Dec 08, 2010

Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” There is a certain set of characteristics that every healthy person has in common. If you are able to understand what some of these traits of healthy people are, you too will be able to adopt these practices […]...  Read more

From Chaos to Balance – From Anger to Peace

Posted by:   |  Nov 09, 2010

The chaos theory was metaphorically described by Maxim in the following way: “A butterfly fluttering its wings over a flower in china can set in motion a series of events which result in a storm over the Caribbean.” The scientific chaos theory seems to be described in a very spiritual, holistic and systemic perspective and […]...  Read more

Cycle of Emotions and Cycle of Financial Market

Posted by:   |  Nov 05, 2010

The effect of our financial situation and monetary wealth on our well-being is well documented. Today, more than ever, we are impacted by the volatility of market situation and its uncertain performance and even its direction. Normally, after a period that market was moving south, when the market starts moving up, we start feeling sense […]...  Read more

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