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Financial Counseling

Financial Issues in Marriage

Posted by:   |  Jan 29, 2011

Money is a desirable commodity that most people wish to possess. It evokes many emotions and strong believes. Not only do attitudes vary, but personality traits, upbringing, life circumstances and social perspectives mold one’s relationship to money. No wonder that financial and money issues are a common source of conflict between partners and often cause […]...  Read more

Cycle of Emotions and Cycle of Financial Market

Posted by:   |  Nov 05, 2010

The effect of our financial situation and monetary wealth on our well-being is well documented. Today, more than ever, we are impacted by the volatility of market situation and its uncertain performance and even its direction. Normally, after a period that market was moving south, when the market starts moving up, we start feeling sense […]...  Read more

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