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Positive Psychology

Human Brain and its “sub-brains”

Posted by:   |  Nov 05, 2013

In my previous blogs regarding the brain, I wrote that the human brain includes three brains. The three brains within our skull are: the lizard brain, the mammalian brain and the neo-cortex brain. This neo-cortex is functionally semi-independent from the lizard and mammalian brains. Language and logic is reside in the neo-cortex, while emotions and […]...  Read more

Build Your Internal Power (3)

Posted by:   |  Sep 09, 2013

The below list is a continuation of articles 1 and 2 of building your internal resources as the main mechanism that helps individuals to act from a state of happiness: Your Experience is your Teacher – Whatever in front of us is our teacher. Every experience, regardless of the outcome, is a learning experience that […]...  Read more

Tips for Cultivating Happiness

Posted by:   |  Jun 12, 2013

Happiness is the desirable position in life for many people (probably everyone). But, what is happiness to begin with or, how do you get there? What do you need to possess to have happiness? Where can you find happiness or, are you looking for happiness in the right place? These are only few questions that […]...  Read more

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