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7 Health Reasons Why You Should Have Sex

Posted by:   |  Aug 12, 2016

DO SEX OFTEN AND RIP ITS BENEFITS Not that we really need an excuse to have sex, but its health benefits will surely make you think of its importance and need in your daily life. Other than giving pleasure and fun, sexual activity enhances the wellbeing and overall health of people. Whether it is your […]...  Read more

Boosting Libido

Posted by:   |  Nov 05, 2010

Most of the time when we talk about low libido or low sex drive, we usually think of women who lost their interest in sex. But the fact is that many man experience periods of reduced sex drive. Variety of reasons could cause low interest in sex, for examples, unhealthy relationship, job stress, financial pressure, […]...  Read more

Are You Really Too Tired to Have Sex?

Posted by:   |  Jul 23, 2010

A recent survey titled “2010 Sleep in America”  that was conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that as many as 26 percent of couples report one or both partners are frequently too tired to have sex. Other studies have shown that many married couples have sex only one to three times per month.  People […]...  Read more

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