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For an appointment : Call  917-692-3867

Online Video Counseling

Live video chat counseling or video counseling occurs via the internet at a secure “chat room”. It’s a virtual safety room where clients’ core issue is being addressed. At the appointed time (scheduled in advance), you will log into the chat room where a professional will meet with you. Instant messaging is in real time for those who prefer the counselor’s immediate response. This is enhanced by the use of microphones and/or webcams and saves typing.

Both venues are excellent ways to resolve problems within a counseling atmosphere. Furthermore, these features are an excellent resource for real-time, positive feedback that can be very specific, concrete and effective.

Each live video chat session is 30 minutes long.


Online Video / Counseling
Available Options:
1 session - $90
3 sessions - $240
5 sessions - $350
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