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For an appointment : Call  917-692-3867

Online Video Counseling – Teletherapy

Live video chat counseling or video counseling occurs via the internet at a secure “chat room”. Application such as Zoom video conferencing, Skype, FaceTime and others provide a virtual safety room where clients’ core issue is being addressed. At the appointed time (scheduled in advance), you will log into the chat room where a professional will meet with you. Instant messaging is in real time for those who prefer the counselor’s immediate response. This is enhanced by the use of microphones and/or webcams and saves typing.

Both venues are excellent ways to resolve problems within a counseling atmosphere. Furthermore, these features are an excellent resource for real-time, positive feedback that can be very specific, concrete and effective.

Many people find online therapy a useful alternative to traditional psychotherapy settings. The following are some advantages of Online Counselling and Virtual Therapy

Easy Access – Web counselling is easily accessible to all those who wish to use it. Online Counseling or virtual therapy overcomes psychical barriers that may preclude some individuals with limitation or from seeking face-to-face therapy. For example, people with physical limitation or accessibility issues, individuals who are unable to leave their home for various reasons.

Convenience – Online therapy is convenient. … Since you can attend therapy sessions online in the comfort of your own home, you can schedule your therapy sessions for times that are the convenient for you.
Affordability. Internet or web counselling has been proven to be more economical for both the therapist and the client.

Practical option for far or remote areas – E-therapy provides access to mental health help to people in rural or remote areas. Online counseling gives these individuals the possibility of psychological treatment that they might not have otherwise.

Online Therapy, specifically psycho education makes information More Accessible. You can learn more about healthy behavior and coping skills that will lead to better psychological health and well being.

Each live video chat session is 45 minutes long.


Online Video / Counseling
Available Options:
1 1 session - $200
2 10 sessions - $1800
3 20 sessions - $3200
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