For an appointment:
Call  917-692-3867
For an appointment : Call  917-692-3867
260 Madison Ave #8023
New York, NY 10016
(Between 38th and 39th Street)
Phone : (917) 692-3867
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Benefits of Working with Us
Achieve goals & overcome challenges
Relief stress, anxiety & depression
Create your purpose
Learn tools for self-empowerment
Control anger & negative emotions
Stop negative patterns
Create intimacy & build your relationship
Build new constructive habits
Create your life meaning, purpose & vision
Resolve issues & solve problems
Attain self awareness & understanding
Develop communication skills
Feel satisfied & happy
Accept yourself, yet learn, change & grow
Manage conflict resolution
Enjoy life & have Fun
Increase your life energy
Develop balanced life
Build your career & life
Find the path for purpose
Stop self-sabotage
Inspire people around you
Regain hope and trust
Create life action plan
Relieve your suffering
Stop self-destructive habits
Regulate your emotions
Manage &relieve stress
End your isolation
Increase self-confidence
Accomplish important goals
Improve relationships
Live fearlessly & take risks
Build self esteem
Move from insight to action
Reach durable fulfillment
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in New York City
License # : 000697