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According to an executive development survey sponsored by Fast Company:

  • 43% of CEOs and 71% of the executive team have worked with an Executive Coach
  • 63% of organizations said they plan to increase their use of coaching over the next 5 years
  • 92% of leaders with an Executive Coach said they plan to use a coach again.

In today’s fast-paced challenging economy, executives must learn to manage extreme organizational change, complexity and pressure. Leading an organization or a team is a unique challenge. Often the leader must face this challenge alone, confronting difficult personal decisions, and hard choices – sometimes without any support. Therefore, it is essential to be a proactive leader by developing the skills and abilities of yourself and your team members.

Top athletes have coaches, and so do more and more successful executives. An Executive Coach can help mangers address the challenges they face in leading the development of their organization. Executive coaching targets management and leadership development and improved business results. It is for clients who are seriously committed to investing the time, energy, and financial resources to better themselves, develop their people and build their company.

Executive coaching may be seen as a combination of mentoring, professional development, and support offered through a one-on-one relationship between a coach and an executive. These relationships focus on behavioral changes to hone leadership skills, enhance personal effectiveness, and correct unhelpful behaviors to improve job and leadership performance. Executive coaching is about clearing roadblocks, unlocking potential and filling gaps between where people are and where they would like to be. It is about maximizing performance and reaching personal and organizational goals.

spiral2grow helps individuals develop self-reflection and awareness to improve their management skills and leadership competencies; leverage existing strengths and enhance performance. The coaching process helps create a strategy with an action plan, feedback mechanism as well as accountability to help the coachee stays on track to assure professional growth. By working with Moshe Ratson (MBA, MS MFT, LMFT) at spiral2grow, you will increase your responsibility and value to the company and eliminate the roadblocks that keep you from advancing while enjoying a fulfilling career.

spiral2grow of New York City works with executives and managers utilizing cutting-edge coaching-psychology methods to develop key leadership dimensions. Moshe Ratson (International Coaching Federation/ICF member) has extensive experience in managing change and leading people through change. He successfully coached entrepreneurs and senior executives at leading organizations and serves as facilitators, motivator, consultant and sounding board dealing with business goals, people interaction and self-management issues. Business leaders practicing executive coaching as well as sport and performance psychology with Moshe Ratson have experienced measurable leaps in business results, productivity, wealth, satisfaction and happiness.

Executive Coaching Overview

Executive Coaching Platform

Executive and leadership coaching is needed in business and modern society more than ever before. As companies grow and compete in the world market, leadership must facilitate the change necessary to maintain the competitiveness of organizations and optimize the performance, growth and fulfillment of the individual members of those organizations.

The purpose of Executive Coaching is to create sustained change in the Executive’s skills, behavior and performance so that both the Executive and their organization get ultimate benefit. As such, executive coaching facilitates the changes necessary in our modern business world. Change is no longer an option but an imperative to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Leadership coaching facilitates the change process through the recognition of the strengths and weaknesses of both individuals and organizations, and assisting in identifying additional opportunities for growth. It assists in relationship development and problem solving to optimize the fulfillment of personal and organizational objectives.

The Benefits Executives Managers Can Gain

The following are only a few benefits you can gain when using executive coaching:

  • Identify executive strengths and development needs
  • Leverage existing strengths and improve performance
  • Create an executive strategy with and action plan and accountability to help them stay on track
  • Adopt and/or reinforce executive leadership competencies
  • Develop leadership skills and practices
  • Establish healthy work/life balance/li>
  • get ongoing feedback and support through coaching sessions to assure professional growth
  • Think of coaching as a proven support system for your personal and business success.
  • Coaching will help you rapidly accelerate your development and achieve your goals
  • Coaching is a support structure for problem solving.
  • Coaching is for people who are seriously committed to investing the time, energy, and financial resources to better themselves, develop their people and build their company.
  • Coaching is an insurance policy against mediocrity.
  • A coach will help you dream bigger dreams and live a “bigger” life.
  • A coach provides you with an objective sounding board.

The Work of Executive Coach

Leadership with Executive Coach

Executive coaches work with professionals to set and meet goals, which to  improve the individual’s performance as well as improving the performance of the company as a whole. Business coaches will first assess an organization’s or an individual’s needs and develop a game plan tailored to produce specific results.

The results you’ll enjoy from executive coaching can greatly enhance your present career as well as prepare you for an entirely new one. Working one-on-one with a seasoned expert can motivate you to be the best you can be while enhancing skills you probably already possess. In addition, you’ll be able to address problem areas while working toward a strategic solution that in the end will be mutually beneficial to you and your company.

Coach training can target several problem areas and turn your present weaknesses into strengths you’ll retain for the rest of your life. If leadership isn’t your strong suit, by working one-on-one with an expert and participating in follow-up exercises, you’ll find yourself leading your team with enthusiasm.

Executive coaching should assist the developing leader and ultimately the organization in optimizing its human potential. The following are some objectives that executive coaching assist with:

  • Increase productivity
  • Expand creativity
  • Raise standards and morale
  • Manage products and projects more effectively
  • Achieved competitive targets
  • Communicate effectively to staff and customers
  • Build, manage and motivate teams of employees
  • Enhance loyalty and commitment
  • Encourage initiative

Why Do Employers Use It?

What motivates employers to commission executive coaching? What is it they hope to gain? There are many answers to the above, but the main motives for organizations in introducing executive coaching are:

  • to support the induction or appointment of a senior person into a more senior, or different role
  • to accelerate the personal development of individuals defined as ‘high potential.’
  • to underpin the effective implementation of organization change, through supporting teams and individuals
  • as a critical friend or independent sounding board to senior individuals
  • to support senior individuals engaged in wider personal effectiveness programs, such as 360-degree appraisal or development centers.

When Coaching Can Be Helpful

Executive and business coaching can help you to succeed in your current position and prepare for your next position through:

  • Identifying blind spots
  • Building on strengths and find strategies to compensate for weaker areas
  • Improving relationships with bosses, co-workers, and subordinates and strengthen teams
  • Dealing with self-doubts, feeling like a failure or impostor despite apparent success
  • Finding the right balance between work and personal life

Coaching can be particularly powerful when:

  • The client is new to a leadership position
  • The client is leading a complex change program
  • The client wants to re-evaluate leadership style
  • The client is under pressure and feels stressed

Coaching is organized around the client’s agenda so that the coaching is action orientated, highly relevant and practical with measurable impacts.

The Executive Coaching Process

In general and within the overall coaching process, six main phases has been identified. These were:

  • entry and contracting with the individual
  • identifying the issues to be addressed
  • reaching a shared analysis
  • planning to address development needs arising
  • action taking, practice and reflection

Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence for Executives

spiral2grow, a leading organization in the field of anger management counseling and coaching, provides anger management coaching for executives that integrates classical counseling coaching methods with proven counseling techniques.

It is not uncommon to increased challenges in the workplace. The extreme changes in the workplace bring greater anxiety, stress, anger as well as explosive behaviors. Many clients in my practice are business executives and managers, who find themselves struggling with anger and other difficult emotions. Experiencing the tremendous benefits of the anger management classes, many high level professionals refer or recommend coaching for peers, employees, friends and family members.

To learn more about Anger Management Coaching for Business Executives please press this link.

About Moshe Ratson – Executive Coach

Moshe Ratson (MS MFT, MBA) is an executive coach in a private practice in New York City that provide coaching services all around the world. Moshe has a natural gift for working with people, inspiring and motivating clients in person and online. Fully engaging with the participants he’s able to simplify and communicate complex ideas

Moshe works with individuals in everyday life, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs, supporting them in attracting and creating enjoyable and memorable lives in bringing forward their true gift, talents, passion and values.

She has spent close to twenty years in business consulting, research and strategic planning, business development, and marketing.

Specializing in the areas of communication and significant personal and professional habit change, Moshe brings to coaching and training a deep foundation in solution focused methodologies and creative thinking combined with her passion for harnessing capacities for significant personal development. His systemic and holistic work allows his to promote behavioral change while enhancing individual and interpersonal skills and relationships. His coaching practice includes working with businesses and individuals to create and manage change and forge new thinking habits.

Some Coaching Goals in Moshe Ratson Practice:

1) Slowing down, living in the present and enjoying life

2) Finding a life partner and building healthy and fulfilling relationships

3) Building self confidence

4) Becoming more assertive

5) Overcoming a fear

6) Building emotional intelligence

7) achieving work-life balance

8) finding meaningful career

9) making a life transition

10) Creating life vision and acting toward fulfilling it

Read more about Moshe Ratson

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