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Sport and Performance Psychology

Are you a professional or amateur athlete or performer looking to enhance your skills and ability? Do you want to excel and be outstanding?
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Are you challenged by the demands of your sport, motivation, discipline, training or practice load, coach, or organization?
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Do you want to get back on your game, or perhaps having a difficult time dealing with the consequences of injury, disqualifying or retirement?
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While often behind the scenes, sport and performance coaches help individual players or even entire teams realize their potential. They mainly focuses on psychological factors that are getting in the way of success and build the mental tools to improve performance.

Sport psychology incorporates training in the development and use of psychological skills for optimal performance of athletes, in the well-being of athletes, in the systemic issues associated with sports settings and organizations and in developmental and social aspects of sports participation.

Sport and performance psychology consists of empirically-based techniques and skills that can help you perform better as an athlete or performer, cope with problems and setbacks, and maintain consistent, high-level performance.

spiral2grow of New York City works also with executives and managers while utilizing cutting-edge coaching-psychology methods to develop key leadership dimensions.

Moshe Ratson (MBA, MS MFT, LMFT), a member of International Coaching Federation (ICF), has worked with international and national professional and amateur-level athletes, as well as performing artists, business people and other professionals to enhance performance, ability and coping skills. Moshe also has been a professional basketball player and a coach.

In addition, Moshe Ratson has extensive experience in managing change and leading people through change and transfromation. He serves as a coach, facilitator, motivator, consultant and sounding board dealing with personal and professional goals.

The potential clients list of performance psychology includes:
Professional and Elite athletes, Amateur athletes, Sporting teams at all levels, Beginner and committed exercisers, Performing artists (e.g., musicians, actors, dancers), Business Professionals (e.g., business people, CEO’s, company executives and directors, managers). Also, individuals and teams that are exposed to intense pressure such as surgeons, firefighters, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and others.

More about Sport and Performance Psychology
Short Explanation of Sport and Performance Psychology
  • Most people are not aware that in addition to the professionals’ superior physical ability and psychomotor skills, they must perform under intense pressure, which requires mental toughness. They overlook the fact that these individuals are not born with the physical prowess and mental resilience that is necessary to perform at such a high level.
  • There is a large amount of preparation and training that goes into performing at this level - success requires both physical and mental strength with the ability to endure high-stakes situations.
  • Sport and performance psychology focuses on identifying and applying psychological principles that facilitate peak performance, enhance the physical ability and achieve optimal human execution. The key is to tap into the potential of human performance, so they can enhance their resilience skills and perform at their best. All of these psychological principles can be applied beyond the sports arena. In boardrooms and on Broadway, performance counts, and more and more professionals of all backgrounds are seeking partnerships with psychologists or coaches who can get them there and help them improve their mental aspect for greater achievement.
Sport and Performance Psychology Delivers Peak Performance
Sport and performance psychologists concentrate on recognizing psychological challenges and applying psychological methods that facilitate peak sport performance, enhance people’s motivation to participate and improve physical activities and help athletes achieve optimal performance. Sport and performance psychologists are specialist in assisting athletes and professionals conquer challenges that hinder performance. But athletes aren’t the only clients. Consider an aspiring actress or a company’s executives, surgeons, doctors, performers such as actors or comedians and many more. They all aspire to be at their best and win the game of life. They want to tap into the potential of human performance, be resilient and perform at their best.
Results you may expect of Sport and Performance Psychology
  • The following are the results you may expect when working with a sport and performanc psychologiest and a coach:
  • Improve performance
  • Develop greater self-compassion and ability to deal with mistakes and adversity
  • Increased positivity and focus on possibilities
  • Greater capacity to focus, be attentive and mindful
  • Master your thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Gain more respect from teammates, coaches, teammates, co-workers, managers etc.
  • Improve energy and motivation towards your goals
  • Focus on what is important to you
  • Design the life and performance that you aspire to

Benefits of Sport & Performance Psychology
Build mental toughness
Improve attention, focus and mindfulness
Enhance motivation and determination
Enhace self confidence
Set and implement goals
Deal with teamwork and social challenges
Manage stress and perform under pressure
Improve competitive performance
Break self-doubt and gain confidence
Develop mental resiliency
Manage activity-specific performance
Manage retirement and transition
Cope with Injury and recovery
Overcome anxiety or a traumatic experience


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