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Family Business NYC

How can I do what is fair, right and best for the business and the family?
Couples Counselor NYC
How should I manage conflict with family members? How can I mediated the conflicting interest of my family members and the business?
Couples Counselor NYC
Are the children having the level of leadership required to take the business forward?
Couples Counselor NYC

Running a family business can be gratifying and rewarding, yet challenging. Most people don’t realize the strain that mixing family and business can place on these relationships. spiral2grow is a family business consulting firm that is committed to delivering solutions to increase shareholder wealth and improve communication inside family enterprises. We partner with clients to strengthen their families and improve their business. With our expertise and proven track record, we help family businesses with: Conflict Resolution, Leadership Development, Succession, Business Strategy, Governance, Business Improvement, Strategic Planning, Effective Communication and Decision Making as well as Mediation Services.

spiral2grow recognizes that every family-owned company has its own set of goals and challenges. Accordingly, we help family owned companies take the necessary steps and make the right decisions that will grow their business in a way that is consistent with their family goals. What makes us exceptional is our holistic and systematic perspective, while focusing simultaneously on family relationships, the ownership and management systems in the family business consulting process.

Moshe Ratson (MBA, MS MFT, LMFT), the founder of spiral2grow of New York, is expert in understanding both the complexities of family relationships and the unique, specific needs of family businesses. He helps both the family and their business by exploring solutions for business and family issues. spiral2grow provides business owners and executives with leadership and management skills needed for continued growth, and the necessary infrastructure required to sustain their expansion. We also facilitate communication, reduce misunderstandings and enhance the positive qualities that first made your family business an appealing venture. Our primary goal is to help family-owned businesses succeed and prospers for generations.

Moshe Ratson has worked with family businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 operations to smaller, closely held companies in a variety of industries. He brings diverse and deep experience in assisting family businesses and their advisers. He has large experience in working with the family members on conflict management, with the management level in strategic planning and/or operational improvement and with the ownership circle in analyzing major changes.

spiral2grow’s coaching strategy can help you smooth your operation, build leadership skills and guide you to greater success. Your time and efforts are valuable, and you deserve to spend your energy on running your business, attracting new clients and generating more revenue.spiral2grow provides best-of-practice methodologies to transform under-performing teams to the next level. It enables organizations to respond to market demands with agility and innovation – while reducing costs and risks.

We have helped family-owned and operated companies build strong family leadership teams and address complex issues that often arise from a mix of personal and professional behaviors and aspirations. To provide an overall sense of direction and continuity, we can also help you outline your family’s business and personal goals. In particular, we have facilitated many transitions of ownership and leadership across generations, while meeting challenging times and market’s changes. We can show you how to promote healthy communication and understanding.

  • The Benefits of Family Business/Organizational Coaching
    • Reduce turnover and retain top performing staff
    • Enhance individual and organizational performance
    • Increase family and employee morale, commitment and productivity
    • Improve retention of high potential and talented employees and management
    • Enhance work environment
    • Improve performance and maintaining high level work ethics
    • Enhance reputation in the industry
    • Position for continual growth and success
    • Succession planing and development of key executives
    • Positively affect organizational culture

Benefits Family business
Maximize profit
Mediation services
Conflict resolution
Increase stakeholders value
Facilitate decision-making
Build effective communication
Improve strategic planning
Provide stability during transitions
Succession & transition planning
Overcome internal resistance
Build governance structures
Holistic and systemic perspective
Leadership development
Establish policies and guidelines


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