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Counseling Workshops

A counseling seminar or a workshop is, generally, a form of psycho-educational program that provides (as the name indicates) an education, tools and skill buildings information. The function of the counseling workshop is to bring together a group of people in a set of one or few multiple meetings that focus on a specific subject. In the seminar, participant may just listen or participate to make the workshop interactive. The main proposal behind the workshop method is to educate the participants more extensively about the subject matter in a relatively short time frame. The seminar also promotes dialogue, questions, and addresses practical issues. It is relatively informal, at least compared to the lecture system of academic instruction.

Seminar experience is very helpful and can provide a starting point to increased interest and knowledge in the subject level at a deeper level. Not only clients receive tremendous knowledge and education, but they also interact with similar minded-individuals who can enrich one another from different perspectives and ideas. spiral2grow is located in New York City and its skills and goal-oriented seminars are facilitated by a well-trained and experienced professionals. The counseling workshops are a cost-effective methodologies, while each seminar focuses on discussing particular subject faced by the people in the workshop.

Anger Management Workshop If you struggle with out-of-control anger, or if you are concerned about someone who does, then you know how difficult it is to manage anger. Read more
Anxiety Stress Management Stress is emotional and physiological reaction to a threat, whether real or imagined, that results in a series of challenges. Read more
Social Anxiety Workshop Social anxiety workshop helps participants to understand social anxiety and overcome it. Read more
Self-Esteem and Confidence If you lack self-esteem and confidence and doubt yourself and your abilities, spiral2grow can help. Read more
Healthy Relationship Workshop Most people say that relationships in their lives is the most important thing for them, especially, their family, their friends, their spouse. Read more
Assertiveness Training Workshop Assertiveness and responsibility is key to happy life, yet it requires training in acquiring these unique, healthy and important skill. Read more

Counseling Workshops
Promote educational platform
Cost-effective learning approach
Encourage dialog and mutual learning
Promote interactive discussion
Quick method of gaining knowledge
Incremental development


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