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Self Esteem and Confidence

Do you lack the confidence dealing with life and work challenges? Do you strive to manage stress effectively?
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Are you critical of yourself or others? Do you want to build self resiliency & develop a winning attitude?
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Do you want to control your life & reach your goals? Would you like to achieve your potential?
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If you suffer from low self-esteem, you know how deeply it affects your overall quality of life; your relationships, your work and your ability to be resilient and fulfilled. Plato said that the strongest factor in prosperity is self-esteem & confidence: believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it.

Self-esteem refers to how you think and feel about yourself. The more positive these thoughts and feelings are, the higher your self-esteem will be. Having a negative self-perception results in a distorted view of one’s self, which leads to further lack of self-confidence, poor performance, and even depression. With a positive self-identity, on the other hand, a person is able to set realistic expectations for oneself and pursue goals. Also, with healthy self esteem, individuals are able to have greater emotional intelligence and greater ability to deal with anger and other emotions. Personal growth requires insight, awareness and courage to ultimately act toward becoming a better person, a happy person with integrity and confidence.

If you are uncertain about yourself, lack self-confidence, doubt your ability, or think negatively of yourself, spiral2grow of New York can help you accept yourslef, feel good about yourself, be more assertive, productive and successful, while taking control over your life and relationships.

spiral2grow has practical tools to break the cycle of low self-esteem and creating more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others. spiral2grow, located in New York city, offers self esteem and self confidence solutions in a variety of formats: Individuals, Groups  and  Workshops.

  • Additional Benefits of Self Esteem Psychotherapy/Coaching
    • Beyond building self-confidence and developing acceptance, self-esteem therapy helps in the following ways:
    • Build on personal strengths and celebrate success
    • Create an environment that is conducive to your happiness
    • Be Involved in activities that build passion and confidence
    • Challenge negative self-talk and replace with accurate evaluations
    • Forgive past mistakes and learn their lessons
    • Accept personal flaws but stop ruminating on them and meet yourself where you are with compassion
    • Avoid negative judgment and build gratitude and appreciation
    • Build motivation and habits by adapting a small step approach
    • Push yourself and develop realistic, attainable objectives
    • Take calculated risks and do the things you believe to be right
    • Learn the power of experience and moving out of your mind into your life
    • Create confidence in your judgment and being less dependent on what others think
  • Tip to Help and Build Self Esteem and Have Success in Life
    • The following are important concepts to grow your self confidence and gain fullfilment and happiness:
    • Establish vision and goals
    • Create a compelling vision to where you want to go. That would motivate you to see where you want to go and would key you on truck even during time of difficulties. Individuals who regularly write goals earn by far greater success in life and fill more fulfilled. By setting goals that are clear, actionable and attainable, you have a clear target to aim for.
    • Baby steps
    • Break your vision and goals to objectives. This strategy may be the simplest, yet one of the most effective way we can use. Small steps allow you to meet yourself where you are and slowly and gradually progress. It is motivating as it makes you build on small victories to establish momentum to reach the next goal.
    • Patience
    • Patience is hard to come by. We want results and we want them now. Understanding that fundamental and long lasting change requires patience is key for success.
    • No failure attitude
    • Failure is another way how not to do it successfully; another way that bring you closer to do it right; another opportunity to learn and grow. So, handle mistakes and failures in a positive way and embrace it in your life.
    • Act and Experience
    • Steven Hays the founder of Acceptance Commitment Therapy says in one of his books “Go out of your mind into your life.” The point is that only through experience you become ready to engage with life. Experience is your feedback as to where you are. It builds your confidence and prepares you to a better next experience.
    • Stop your inner critic
    • Negative inner voice shouts destructive thoughts in your mind. Avoid self criticism and replace the voice of your own inner critic with compassion, appreciation and positivity.
    • Do things differently
    • When you try something new, when you challenge yourself in a small or bigger way and go outside of your comfort zone then you feel better of yourself and your opinion of yourself improve. By pushing yourself to do thing differently, even small things like brushing your teeth on the other hand, sleeping on the other side of the bed, driving in a different route to work or home, etc. train your mind to create change. Change that you can apply to big, important things in life including changing bad habits.
    • Help others
    • When you give to others or help other, the recipients of your kindness enjoying the benefits, but you gain as well. You feel and know that you are valuable and you can also recognize more of what is already a positive in our life, appreciate what you have and where you are. Giving and volunteering also promote a deeper sense of gratitude and make you become a glass half-full type person.
    • Use self affirmation
    • Using positive affirmations that are realistic is highly motivated and shape your attitude an way of thinking. While seating on your coach watching television, you can say to yourself “I am motivated to success and yet I am unproductive. Is this conducive to my success? What my ideal self would do now? To make affirmation constructive you must be honest and truthful.
    • Connect to others and socialize
    • Connecting to people, especially people that care for you makes you feel socially connected and provides you with sense of belonging. It dramatically impact your self-esteem.
    • Exercise
    • We all need to respect our temple where our spirit reside. Our temple is our body. Physical exercise is the best anti-depressant while keep you body in shape.
    • Avoid comparison
    • Steve Furtick said “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” Low-self esteem stems from seeing yourself as an inferior human being. Stop comparing yourself to other people and aim to be your best self. In addition, comparisons we make of ourselves with others separate us from human connectedness and reject our being.
    • Avoid Perfectionism
    • Perfectionism can paralyze you from taking action because you become so afraid of not living up to some standard. Learn to accept yourself where you are and move gradually toward your destination with compassion and love to yourself.
    • Build healthy environment
    • Create an environment that is conducive to your success and surround yourself with people that are supportive and positive that also motivating you to move toward achieving your goals. Chose role model that makes you a better person. This about how you spend your time, pay attention to what your read, what you watch on television, what you brows on the internet etc. Ask yourself “Is this serve my well-being and long-term goals.
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Benefits of Self Esteem Building
Boost your self-esteem & confidence - Accept yourslef
Take risks and trust yourself (to succeed)
Heal Develop a winning attitude & achieve your potential
Overcome internal blocks & external challenges
Become assertive and develop win-win behavior
Take control over your life & relationships
Develop emotional intelligence
Set, pursue and attain your goals
Become more resourceful
Let go of negative patterns that pull you down
Improve dating skills and romance
Become more social and confident
Have the courage to try new things and experience life to its fullest


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