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Are you experiencing relationship difficulties, stress, anger, anxiety, depression, social challenges or low self-esteem?
Couples Counselor NYC
Are you feeling stuck, unhappy or going through a challenging transition? Are you ready to take actions?
Couples Counselor NYC
Do you want to break self-defeating or destructive behavior and need some guidance? Are you ready to change?
Couples Counselor NYC

Changes in our lives can produce stressful reactions. spiral2grow of New York City assists clients to navigate these changes, and work with them so that they emerge flexible yet stronger. spiral2grow helps clients find their inner savage help them clarify their goals, challenge them to work toward their goals and support them so they can stay at their course to success.

As we aim to evolve and “spiral2grow” to become intellectually wiser and emotionally more mature (enlighten and happier), we are going through stages. Each spiral stage is a new better resolution to the lifelong tension between the universal human yearning to be attached, connected, and included, on the one hand, and to be separate, autonomous and independent on the other.

Psychotherapy helps a person gain contact with his/her deepest self and actualize this self in his/her life. spiral2grow team of experienced psychotherapists and counselors, that lead by Moshe Ratson (MBA, LMFT), utilizes proven psychotherapy approaches and coaching methods that are practical and solution-focused, while emphasizing skills building, solving problems and achieving goals. We see therapy as a practical process for change rather than merely an exercise in insight. As such, our efforts are geared to help individuals break free of disruptive, negative patterns and cycles so they cope better with life challenges and enjoy greater life satisfaction.

We utilize integrative and pragmatic method, which is evidence-based-practice (EBP). The results and solution oriented approach is rooted in our many years of experience as licensed psychotherapists, life, career and executive coaches and high level business executives in Fortune 500 Companies.

  • The General Goal of Psychotherapy
    • Psychotherapy generally begins in some kind of pain or unclear lack of fulfillment. Regardless of external success, such as financial wealth, working position, appearance etc., many individuals are facing internal struggles in areas such as relationship, intimacy, health, stress, meaningful career, compulsions, anxiety, anger, addiction and depression.
    • The goal of psychotherapy is personal healing, growth and development. To achieve that goal, psychotherapy must create a safe, accepting atmosphere to explore ones-self, explore life and find ways to create more durable and fulfilling life. The main factor for successful psychotherapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. In the same manner that our deep wounds took place in relationship, so is the healing process occurs within relationship. It is not easy for us to see our own defenses because many of them are unconscious. This is why a professional psychotherapist who is skilled in bringing the unconscious defenses to the surface can help us bring our defenses to the conscious level and help us work through them.
    • I view psychological healing in a global holistic perspective that requires the counselor and the client to attend to all aspects of life to create balance and harmony. I see the process of counseling as a journey into the painful dark side of our psychology in which we discover our hidden light and potential.
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Benefits of Psychotherapy
Cope with stress and anxiety
Manage anger, depression, and other emotional pressures
Find inner savage
Enable yourself & others
Develop courage & take risks
Heal psychological wounds
Enrich your life and relationships
Get "unstuck" & break old patterns (relationship and family)
Discover creative ways to problem-solve challenges
Motivate and empower yourself
Improve self-esteem & confidence
Develop Emotional Intelligence
Attain self-awareness and growth
Build resiliency and satisfaction
Create positive attitude/energy


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