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Anger Management

Would you like to take control over your anger and improve the quality of your life and relationships?
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Do you feel controlled by your difficult emotions and reacting negatively to provocative situations?
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Are you feeling stuck with the same negative patterns of interaction? Are you ready to change and get unstuck?
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The tragedies, oppression, abuse, violence and injustice in this word break our heart. They are hard to understand and even more to accept. Even though we don’t want to be angry, it seems as this is the only way to move beyond pessimism, despair, hopelessness and fear. Yet, as difficult it is for us to release anger, it is much greater torment to hold on to it as it increases our misery.

Imagine a life completely free from anger, jealousy, heartache, dread, loneliness and all the other painful states of mind that cause us so much suffering. We often feel as if it isn’t possible to become free from these painful emotions. But it is definitely possible.

Repeated anger can be costly, both physically and emotionally. As chronic anger makes people rigid and highly defensive, it is likely to have a negative effect on your health, to damage your relationships with others and to limit your life experiences and ability to achieve happiness. Anger can hinder, wear down, or even destroy an intimate relationship. At the same time, anger can serve as an opportunity for individual growth and enhance an intimate relationship.

People often want to act aggressively when they are angry but, fortunately, most people do not actually perform aggressive actions. Yet, anger and aggressiveness are problems when results in negative consequences. Anger in its different variations is negativity associated with interpersonal conflicts, negative evaluations by others, property destruction, occupational maladjustment, inappropriate risk-taking, accidents, substance abuse etc.

We are all susceptible to anger in its variation and its intensity. Anger is a natural and a forceful emotion, with high destructive potential. To some anger is justified and to others it is designed to harm others. However, in the long-run, anger creates more hurt and misery to oneself than to others.

Anger is a troublesome emotion – the emotion during which we are most likely to hurt others. Anger pushes us to act impulsively to remove the obstacle that is thwarting us. Yet, it is important to understand that it is not the anger itself but the expression of it that can be dangerous. Anger management or the ability to constructively process our emotional state is key to our well being. Managing emotions improves our skills to resolve anger and conflict while enabling us to develop more healthy and happy relationships. With commitment and openness, you will no longer be confined to reacting from the past, but rather be able to act and create a powerful response that leads to a powerful future.

spiral2grow has developed a unique, practical and effective program to address anger and conflict, alter beliefs and thinking that fuel dysfunction, set new and effective personal boundaries for acceptable behaviors and to teach collaborative problem-solving approaches. spiral2grow utilizes integrative proven Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) and Emotional Intelligence (EI) approaches that teach participants effective coping behaviors to stop escalation, become assertive and resolve conflicts.

In anger management therapy, clients are encouraged to express their angry feelings and learn to do it a constructive way. The therapist and client also evaluate the meaning or cause, explore its deep components and discuss ways to deal with anger in a real-life situation. The unhealthy way of thinking and the negative thoughts that led up to the aggressive response is then re-evaluated and replaced with healthy way of thinking that empowers the client to act in an assertive way.

If chronic anger takes place and is not dealt with, it creeps continually into the mind and transforms into mood and eventually into traits of temperament, which later is harder to undo. This is why spiral2grow has developed a comprehensive anger management program that provides practical and effective tools for individuals who want to learn anger management strategies for conquering anger problems. spiral2grow of New York City offers Anger Management solutions in a variety of formats: Individuals, Couples, Groups and Workshops.

Skills for Dealing With Anger

Most people do not know what to do with anger other than exploding it or stuffing it. We fight against anger and avoid it. We can be even angry of being angry. However, not feeling our anger (or any other emotion) and not giving room to be fully expressed, can be detrimental to our well being as it pushes them to act in an unconscious, rigid and destructive ways. Anger is a complicated emotion as it has many layers and is complex in many aspects.
The following are few skills to help you contain your anger:

  • Learn to differentiate between important and unimportant issues. (Don’t sweat the small stuff.)
  • Understand and accept that no one is entitled to anything.
  • You can wish to get things, but you don’t always going to get what you want.
  • Identify what pushes your buttons and triggers your anger.
  • Find out your irrational thoughts and statements that fuel your anger.
  • Replace unhealthy way of thinking to healthy ones.
  • Learn compassionate communication.
  • Accept where you are and compassionately move forward toward improving yourself.
  • Learn from your mistakes instead of beating self up.
  • Use anger toward your personal growth and spiritual path.
  • Transform anger to happiness.
  • Move away from reacting to anger toward processing it and utilizing it in a constructive way.
  • Recognize what is beneath anger (loss, longing, pain, sadness and vulnerability).
  • Address anger assertively and directly with the person you are angry with
Read More about Anger Management Skills
  • The Anger Control Workbook - by McKay, Matthew & Rogers, Peter
  • The Anger Habit – by Semmelroth, Carl & Smith, Donald
  • The Anger Habit Workbook – by Semmelroth, Carol

Benefits of anger treatment
Control anger related behaviors
Break "old patterns" that don't work
Better relationships and less stress
Improve communication skills
Stop escalation & resolve conflicts
Become assertive (not aggressive) Win-Win behavior
Improve relationships with family, friends and at work
Understand the value of emotions
Develop emotional intelligence (EI) and emotional maturity
Learn relaxation techniques
Reduce emotional reactivity & level of stress
Stop feeling like a victim and empower yourself
Understand how to create a healthy boundary
Learn how to influence your partner to get what you need/desire


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