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For an appointment : Call  917-692-3867


Psychotherapy and counseling resources provide additional material to gain psycho-education, knowledge and skills for self-education and personal development. Please enjoy the following resource links as additional helpful material.

Counseling Video Videos about counseling and therapyCounseling video provides a visual and auditory psycho-education resource to learn more about counseling and coaching and other subjects.Read more
Counseling Blog blog about counseling and therapyCounseling blog provides interactive articles as a resource to learn more about personal, relationship, work, family, life as well as therapy and coaching.Read more
Psychotherapy Approaches psychotherapy approaches models and modalitiesThis section introduces and explains the variety of psychotherapy models and approaches that are utilized by spiral2 grow staff.Read more
Counseling Resources counseling and therapy resources and helpCounseling resources provide additional and external material about variety of subjects that might interest you.Read more


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