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Individual Psychotherapist NYC

Are you feeling stuck, unhappy or going through a challenging situation? Are you ready to change & grow?
Couples Counselor NYC
Are you experiencing challenging relationship? Do you feel angry, stressed, depressed or sad?
Couples Counselor NYC
Are you confused about the direction & meaning of your life? Do you want to take the right decisions & actions?
Couples Counselor NYC

In individual psychotherapy people usually want to deal with individual concerns. They may address personal, relational or business issues or heal past wounds. Individual psychotherapy, which is performed by a trained psychotherapist, usually assists clients make the desired changes in themselves, their relationships and their life in general, while providing them with specific skills and tools to effectively dealing with their issues.

An important component of the psycho-therapeutic process is the knowledge that within each of us deeper wisdom exists. As such, personal growth requires insight, awareness and courage to ultimately act toward becoming a better person. With proper adequate support, we can move toward healing and integration. Regardless of how much pain or distress we may be experiencing in our lives, our core self ultimately desires to be healthy, integrated whole and free of pain while fulfilling our potential.

Many people experience counseling as a safe place to share their deepest thoughts and feelings without judgment. Individual psychotherapy offers a powerful setting for the disclosure of secrets, emotions and experiences that may be difficult to discuss. The goal of individual psychotherapy is personal healing, growth and development. spiral2grow’s clients attend counseling to heal the roadblocks to their growth and happiness. Many of them are challenged by having difficulty maintaining intimate relationships or are experiencing repetitive destructive patterns in their relationship and lives. As such, spiral2grow, located in New York City, helps its clients find their inner savage, promote change, reach their goals and enhance their life.

  • The Tasks of a Psychotherapist
    • Empower clients and help them focus on themselves, be proactive and develop resiliency and confidence.
    • Help clients identify and resolve negative subconscious programming and make changes in the unconscious structure and processes that transform problematic belief and behaviors to constructive ones.
    • Enhance clients self awareness (Know self better) by removing self deception, develop patience and get back on track after setbacks.
    • Motivate clients to develop step-by step plan toward achieving their goals.
    • Alleviate emotional pain or confusion.
    • Move from theoretical dialogue to practical actions.
    • Build emotional and social intelligence, emotional durability and healthy way of emotional expression.
    • Clear cognitive distortions and develop reality based perception based on optimism and self-trust.
    • Build emotional intelligence, emotional durability and healthy way of emotional expression.
    • Identify and resolve self sabotage thoughts and actions
    • Assist clients in developing a more comprehensive understanding of their psychological issues.
    • Establish effective coping skills and improve life and relationship skills.
    • Cultivate a more accurate and realistic view of clients’ past and understand its implication in regards to their present situation and challenges.
    • Guide clients to make the right choices that leads to peace of mind and happiness.
Psychotherapy Services and Solutions
Work and Life Balance
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
Fear of Death and Dying
College Anxiety
Decision Making/Value Clarification

Benefits of Individual Therapy
Break vicious cycles and old negative pattern
Get unstuck & start moving forward
Heal psychological/ emotional pain
Boost self-esteem and confidence
Increase your ability to love yourself and love others
Enhance your relationships & life
Learn helpful skills such problem- solving & conflict resolution
Develop constructive communication skills
Build assertiveness and healthy boundary
Manage Anger & difficult emotions
Empower yourself & others
Find inner savage
Learn how to influence your partner


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