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New York City Couples Marriage Therapist

spiral2grow is among the leading counseling practices in New York City (NYC). It specializes in Coaching, Psychotherapy, and Relationship Building services that aim to build skills to promote functional and emotional well-being while being happy. spiral2grow has Psychotherapists, Couples Counselors, and Marriage Therapists as well as Executive Coaches that guide and help clients address their concerns effectively and attain their best results by utilizing a result-oriented approach as well as proven coaching and psychological methods.

Fulfill Your Potential

spiral2grow strives to assist clients to find their inner savage, achieve their goals and live their dreams while liberating them from their internal and external constraints. Our purpose is to create sustainable change in clients mental and cognitive state as well as developing skills, behavior, and performance to get the ultimate benefit. We operate from the belief that people have the ability to change and that they can reach their potential given the right conditions and that people can create the right conditions for themselves.

Promote Change and Gain Optimal Results

At spiral2grow, the focus is on increasing self-awareness, emphasizing strengths and positives, promoting changes to obtain optimal results, and enhancing all aspects toward living life and relationships to their fullest. The goal is to be proactive, reflective, creative and productive, to develop the courage to face challenges, uncertainty, and new roads, to live in present with durable fulfillment, to create purpose and meaning and to experience a rewarding life. We would like the opportunity to support you in overcoming your challenges, reach your dreams and help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Serving the community in Midtown Manhattan, Grand Central, Murray Hill, East Side, Flatiron, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, East Village, Gramercy, theater district, midtown south, midtown east, north of Madison Square Park. Experienced, active in helping build life and relationship fulfillment. Individual therapy, couples counseling, executive coaching, premarital counseling, marriage counselor, infidelity counseling, marriage counselor NY 10001, couples therapist 10011, family therapist NY 10003, divorce transition, prebaby counseling, postpartum counseling, marriage counselor 10016, marriage counselor 10017, marriage counseling 10022, couple’s counselor 10010, marriage counselor 10007
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Anger Is Your Compass


spiral2grow re-defined our relationships and focus. We still have challenges,...

Couples Counseling NYC

Healthy fulfilling relationships are a key ingredient of health and well-being. Relationship Counseling helps individuals and couples find, develop and craft intimacy, love and fulfillment in any relationship. This unique practical relationship wisdom helps build the necessary skills to bring relationship happiness. With combination of caring, proactive guidance, supportive counseling and coaching and through a result-oriented treatment program, you learn to transform your relationships and turn conflict into connection and create extraordinary relationships in your life.Read more

Individual Psychotherapy

In Individual Psychotherapy or Individual Counseling clients frequently desire to manage individual issues, overcome challenges and attain their objectives. They can address personal, interpersonal issues as well as healing earlier wounds. Psychotherapists lead individuals construct changes in themselves, their relationships and their life, while providing them with skills to effectively deal with their challenges. spiral2grow enhances personal development and growth, while guiding you to uncover forces within yourself and to utilize them to meet your greatest self.Read more

Infidelity Counseling NYC

The discovery of a partner’s infidelity is experienced as a betrayal that breaks the key foundation of intimate relationship: its exclusivity. Infidelity is serious in that it severely impacts the betrayed partner and the relationship as a whole. Infidelity expert can help couples move from where they are toward where they want to be, while overcoming the challenge of the affair. Overcoming infidelity and rebuilding trust is not a simple process. Yet, with great challenges come great opportunities. It is definitely not easy to overcome infidelity and/or trust issue, but it is very much possible. Read more

Self Esteem & Confidence

If you suffer from low self-esteem, uncertain about yourself, lack self-confidence, doubt your ability, or think negatively of yourself, you know how deeply it affects your overall quality of life; your relationships, your work and your ability to be resilient and fulfilled. Plato said that the strongest factor in prosperity is self-esteem and confidence: believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it. spiral2grow can help you accept yourself, feel good about yourself, be more assertive, productive and successful, while taking control over your life and relationships.Read more

Anger Management NYC

Repeated anger can be costly, both physically and emotionally. It is likely to have a negative effect on your health, damage your relationships with others and limit your life experiences and your ability to achieve happiness. Anger can hinder, wear down, or even destroy intimate relationship. At the same time, anger can serve as an opportunity for individual growth and enhance intimate relationship. spiral2grow has developed a unique, practical program that provides effective tools for individuals and couples who want to learn anger management strategies for conquering anger problems.Read more

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching involves working with clients to reach a specific goal in their professional development. The specific areas of coaching may include career transition, interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, managing career and personal changes, developing executive presence and leadership skills. Executive Coaching supports you to develop and hone the skills you need, and gives you the confidence to take on bigger challenges and greater responsibility. Coaching is about self-discovery, skill-building and unleashing your potential.Read more
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in New York City
License # : 000697