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Couples Counseling NYC

Do you want to learn the skills necessary for successful relationship? Do you want to enrich your relationship?
Couples Counselor NYC
Are you in a difficult relationship & want to resolve your conflicts? Would you like to mutually meet your needs?
Couples Counselor NYC
Would you like to get the love you want? Are you in a relationship you want to keep? Do you yearn for more intimacy and emotional connection?
Couples Counselor NYC

Making an intimate relationship work is not an easy task. Too often, couples feel frustrated and helpless when their individual concerns clash, and when hurt turns to anger. spiral2grow of New York City provides experienced, supportive, and respectful couples therapists and marriage counselors, who can help you clarify issues and goals, design solutions and work toward achieving them in a gradual way.

Creating an extraordinary relationship takes a commitment to yourself and your partner, a willingness to be a student, and a determination to have the relationship of your dreams. Couples counseling helps identify areas where constructive change may improve couples’ capacity to function better in their relationship. Couples therapy is not just “getting advice,” but learning how to find and implement new solutions and discover greater freedom to make choices you want and to achieve your relationship goals.

Couples therapy or couples counseling is perhaps the most difficult type of therapy to practice and to be in. As a psychotherapist in my practice in New York City, I witness anger, despair, unshakable cycles and habits, loneliness, contempt, aggressiveness, lack of intimacy and sexuality. Unfortunately, many couples come to me way beyond due date. My approach to couples therapy is interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and out of the box. With my unique talent to quickly and profoundly get to the heart of the issue, I understands the broad spectrum of relationships, couple dynamics, and sexuality, while able to provide effective intervention and long lasting change.

Couples counseling and marriage therapy helps solve complex relationship challenges, while developing new relationship skills to build greater harmony. Relationship counseling is designed to teach skills and help couples have a better relationship by facilitating communication, conflict resolution and problem solving in a safe, objective and constructive atmosphere. The goals of couples counseling are to help you communicate effectively, build and maintain trust, and develop a satisfying and fulfilling relationship.
Listed below are common areas for couples in which we specialize.

  • Characteristic of Effective Strategic Couples Therapy
    • Some of the characteristic of Strategic Couples Therapy model include:
    • Focus on identifying unhealthy communication and behavioral patterns that serve to maintain a problem, while learning healthy ways to communicate and express one’s self.
    • The treatment is a combination of psycho-education, insight, and experiential methodology, while focusing on practical results.
    • Understand resistance and utilize unique intervention to promote positive change by applying specific strategies.
    • Focus on skills building strategies (such as communication, assertiveness, boundaries, emotional management, respect, intimacy, sexuality etc.)
    • Identify vicious cycles and learn ways to break them.
    • Improving conflict resolution skills while learning techniques to avoid escalation. In other words, learning de-escalation techniques.
    • Knowing your personal identity while being a part of a couple to ultimately establish a balance of autonomy and togetherness.
    • Processing emotions while moving from raw anger emotions to a more deeper vulnerable emotions while responding to each other in an attuned and responsive way.
    • Resolve power struggle while building respect, mutuality and accountability.
    • Decrease emotional reactivity and build emotional maturity and resiliency.
    • Also, “Homework” is provided periodically to help you address a specific issue discussed and/or to keep you fully engaged in the counseling process between sessions.
Solutions to Couples Therapy Problems

Benefits of Couples counseling
Create and maintain connection, love and respect
Engage in constructive behavior, rather than destructive
Learn to communicate effectively
Manage conflicts & solve problems
Improve intimacy and romance
Build a sense of purpose in each other’s lives together
Break negative old patterns and build new healthy skills of relating
Manage anger and difficult emotions
Express your needs and wants
Overcome infidelity and affair
Have deeper understanding and emotional connection
Explor and enjoy better intimacy and sexuality
Build trust and overcome jealousy


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