Work/Career and “political” skills

Leaders at all levels, who is attempting to move up and advance their position and power, seek to increase their political awareness and enhance their political skills. One of the most important skills at work that many employees, managers and executive might benefit from is the political skills; the ability to successfully navigate the power and politics of organization to gain strategic influence while retaining authenticity and integrity.

The following are only some of the skills that are needed to become a political-wise employee:

  • Understanding the “rules of the game” within the company
  • Accepting politics as a fact of organizational life, so that you will waste less time and energy
  • Learning organizational culture and power by being observant and patient
  • Gaining different types of supporters within an organization
  • Understating individual motivation and needs
  • Learning appropriate negotiation strategies and know when to use them
  • Understanding the meaning of assertiveness and using them appropriately
  • Developing direct communication skills
  • Maintaining organizational balance while creating gradual change
  • Advancing personal ideas and careers in an ethical manner
  • Developing networking skills
  • Building your power base by promoting yourself and lobbying ethically
  • Finding hidden agendas and managing them
  • Becoming emotional intelligent (EQ) and socially intelligent (SQ)
  • Presenting your ideas or challenge others’ ideas assertively and wisely according to the power dynamics of each situation.
  • Understanding that information (valid) is power and know how to use it constructively
  • Managing manipulation, distorted information, misrepresentation from different sources
  • Becoming more strategic and long term thinker (finding balance between short and long term goals)
  • Recognizing and handling sabotage in group situations by deftly managing resistance and challenges to your credibility or position.
  • Navigating ethically the corporate terrain to gain organizational influence and impact
  • Understanding and managing power differential, power and political dynamics, perceptions, ego, (increase psychological IQ) etc.
  • Learning assertive communication and behavior
  • Knowing and accepting what is within your control and what is beyond your control and acting upon that
  • Managing and reducing political manipulation
  • Aligning personal value system with your work style
  • Becoming influential in a variety of political situations
  • Reading signals that they may be “under-political”
  • Learning negotiation skills while marinating authentic and assertive behavior
  • Gaining support throughout the organization

Politics exist in every organization (at different degree). We may not like it, but for good ideas and people to survive, we must build organizational savvy, strategic influence, and political power. The main question is how to capitalize on this fact and transform it into an opportunity to gain strategic influence while building organizational impact with integrity. A career coach or an executive coach specializes in organizational politics can guide employees, managers and executive who are interested in improving their political skills.

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